Sunday, May 19, 2013

April happenings....

Playing games at home with the family

The outside now getting a little more dressy :)

Down in St. George for Bruces surprise
birthday Party !

Kolby and Trey jumping in the swimming pool

Jayme and Kolby visiting, waiting for Grandpa Bruce

...and he arrived !!

Jayme with Grandpa

Trey with Rylund ...and their beards !

Amy and Tammy posing for my photo :)

Kolby and Jay ...sooooo sweet, hee hee

cousins !

sister-in-laws (missing Annie though)

cousins !

Trey with a pool trick

Kolby's count-down for
his mission to England

cheering on Trey at his 5th grade school program at
 the Marriot Center at BYU

Such a cool picture of these kids in their colored shirts !...
trey was in a red shirt.