Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finishing up February....

Trey had lots of fun with his friends on
 his team...and we loved going and cheering
 him on !!

Trey liked doing the science fair in his
5th grade class this year. "Which type of ice
melts faster: Solid, Cubed, or Crushed".  He got
the idea from his cousin, Megan. It was neat
watching him do the experiments and seeing if his
hypothesis was right :)

...then we sent him all prepared with his
science fair poster...only it was a day early...oops! :)

Also, in the month of February, Brandon got
his mission call to RUSSIA !! ...more to come
on his farewell, since he hasn't had it yet...

And, Trey turned 11 years old in February !!!
He decided he wanted a "cousin" birthday party.
He decided to eat dinner at Pizza Pie Café and party
back at the house.

Trey showing his clean room for his birthday
Jayme cleaned her room too

Pizza Pie Café party with the cousins !!

Opening presents

Blowing out candles

Playing Zombies

More presents!!

February was a busy and wonderful month !!