Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Month Of March

So, basketball finished up in the first of March
 and Trey loved his trophy

Our house started coming up fast through the
 month of March. Each week we would go
out and check to see the newest building stages.

Kolby took Trey to the pet store
and they had fun bringing home a crab...
actually it was 2 crabs (but one died pretty quick...
and the kids buried it out in the backyard).

March brought and exciting event for Trey...
he got BRACES !! Uncle Dr. Brian and staff
 did such a great job and Trey is soooo happy !!

March also brought an exciting event in Jayme's life:
she turned 16 years old !!!!


SWEET 16.....
Jayme turned 16 years old in March !!
She had a ton of friends over for a party the night
before her birthday. The day of her birthday, we
celebrated with her up at Park City with Shopping,
seeing the Olympic sites, and dinner ...yum!!


Lunch at a yummy pizza place

The lights lit up on the sky slopes in Park City
as the night came. It was pretty.

I think that the month of March brought the
 biggest changes to our home. We couldn't believe
how fast it was coming exciting !!

Trevor took Jayme on her first date
With Jayme being 16, she started dating right away

A school date dance that Jayme asked Nate to, lots of fun


The temple with Kolby was special

My friend had her baby in March also !!
I didn't get a picture of her because she said
she wasn't looking picture-pretty. But, I still
should have grabbed a photo !!

Trey has been busy in scouts in March !

Jayme got asked to PROM

More scouting awards :)

Trey got his "Arrow Of Light"

Yay, our house taking form !!

Trey at Red Robbin in St. George...Easter break !

The end of March, we were in St. George
with family for Easter vacation. Kolby is so
artistic and he made Easter Eggs for Jay !

Here's some more of Kolby s (and the younger kids)
Easter Eggs !!




Trey's Easter basket !!

Trey's basket next to his cousins ....
we were sleeping over at Ryan and Donna's house !!

Donna and Ryan treated us to a yummy breakfast

The month of March was full of fun family memories !!