Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July weekend

We had front row seats...right out on the road this year at the 4th of July Cedar main street parade!

Kim and Shaun's family came for the 4th weekend also

Ryan and Donna came up from St. George with their family

We enjoyed sitting back a little in the shade on the grass
at the park while watching the parade. Even Niel, Curt's friend,
was there and watched the parade with us.

Trey and Tyler standing with Megan, Nicole, and
Jessica waiting for more floats and candy to come by.

Uncle Shaun bought a balloon for each of the nephews
and nieces.

Jayme, Hailey, and Kassidy laughing as I try
to take their picture

This year, we set up our chairs by the Karaoke
 singing that was going on at the park. Grandpa Graf
 thought that was so entertaining !

Kim and Kassidy !

Sheri came over and brought us these yummy treats !!

We had fun visiting

Trey soaking in the rain! The kids LOVED playing
in the rain and didn't hardly come in the house for anything.

They were getting warm by the BBQ

We enjoyed sitting out on the porch
 watching the kids play in the rain

Kass and Trey !

Jayme and Kass put on a fun dress
 show for us ! They had found old dresses
in Grandma Graf's basement closet and decided
to try each one on. We told them to show
fun faces and poses as we took their pictures !


Shaun, Nate, and Ry went to buy some awesome fireworks ! 

Grandpa loves to get a hair cut from Kimmi

Grandma heading in for bed...we sure stayed up late at
 night each night visiting !

Alisha, Nate, and  Lexi watching fireworks !

Donna with her girls enjoying the show !

Macy showing her sparkler to Kass and Jayme

Jessi, Lexi, and Brooklyn had so much fun

Trey loved being part of the ones lighting off
each fire work ! He takes the job very seriously !

"Bippity, Boppity, Boo!" what Kaityln, Jessica,
and Lexi said over and over again with their sparklers !

Jacey loved sparklers

The cousins loved sleeping over in Grandma's living room

We love playing at the "Cedar Beach" when we get
a chance to ! The kids had a blast swimming with their
animals that they bought from the parade the day before.

I was missing Jay who had to stay back home
and work. Next time we hope we don't have to leave Jay
home over the 4th of July weekend

It was so much fun to watch the kids play in the water !


The kids also had a blast swimming at the aquatic center.
There is Megan jumping off the diving board.

Tyler !

Macy and Jacie were sure playing cute

Jayme and Kass playing with macy

Ryan had fun taking his girls down the waterslide

Me and Alisha !

Jayme, Hailey, and Kass tanning

Ry on the waterslide again

Jayme coming out of the waterslide and over to
where Kass and Hailey were waiting for her

Hailey !

Kass coming out of the waterslide

Kim and Alisha !

The cousins loved the Jacuzzi there too

Megan and Trey !