Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bits from July

Jay took Trey and Megan to the
American Fork Days carnival

Also, in July, we went up to Layton to
see the family and also Mike and Tammy's
new is amazing!

Me with my nephew, Jackson

We took Rylund home for a couple
days. It was fun to ride on the
frontrunner train !

We had fun with Rylund while
he stayed with us

July also brought my 40th birthday !

I worked during the morning hours, and then spent the
afternoon getting Jayme and Trey to eye doctor appointments, etc.
Then we went to a family BBQ/swim party that evening and
to a movie. It was a full fun-filled day! 40 came without a hitch!

My 2 boys picked out some pretty flowers for my birthday !

all my presents! What fun! Kim and kids came over
and decorated our house as a surprise for me

It was almost midnight when
we got home and had me
blow out my candles

Kass also had a birthday in July ! She
turned the big 18 years old!!

Kass asked her parents for
birthday cinnamon rolls instead
of cake for her birthday ! yum!!

Kassidy's family hung a birthday sign for  her

Trey and Megan doing fun trampoline tricks

Time to blow out birthday candles

Trey looks so dang cute in his new glasses !

Also in July, we went to my neice, Nicole's,
baby shower (more pics to come). Here is Kass
holding my other niece, Ashley's, new baby girl. 

Her name is Summer. She is so cute!

Well, there are some bits and pieces of July!
On to August now !