Sunday, August 18, 2013

Enjoying the summer ....and August is half way over now! Crazy how fast the time goes...

We started off August with a night up the
canyon, enjoying dinner around a campfire.

I forgot to keep taking pics
as the night grew dark and we
enjoyed roasting marshmellows.
We stayed late into the evening
and sat and looked at the stars

On another weekend at the first part of
August, we took a drive down to Payson
for some fun family fishing time

The man who owns this property
helps put bait on the lines,
as well as guts the fish, and
fillet's them, ready for cooking.
It was awesome!!

The kids had a blast! They pulled in several
fish each! We enjoyed eating them up
the next day after church.

The owner had this dog. She was the sweetest
thing. I am not even an "animal" person...but
this dog was so sweet and I think I might have
decided to take her home.

Needless to say, we bonded....sort of.
She really was a good dog.

It was such a beautiful spot.
And, Jayme had a dragon fly that keep
landing on the edge of her pole.

I took tons of pics !

Our family also enjoyed spending time up at
Rylund and Jackson's birthday celebration this month

August also brought other birthdays...
brooklyn's and Jacey's!
The cousins all celebrated by going
to the aquarium.

We enjoyed having Nate and Alisha's family
stay with us for a couple of days.
Here's Trey and Tyler climbing so high !!

The kids all loved playing

We went out to dinner and the kids
liked the smiley faces that
the waitress made on their plates

Nate and Jay making their way out to the field
to throw the football

August also brought us to our new car !
Our old car is creeping up on 200,000 miles and
has been showing many signs of it's old age.
Jayme will take it over until and hopefully it will
last her to get her to school and home each day for a while

Trey enjoys our new car

it is a 2006 Mazda V6.
We got it for a great deal!

August has been super busy.
We only have one more day of summer break.
It's so crazy how fast the summer flew by...