Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating 18 years together !

We arrived in the evening to our Lodge in Park City

We ate Pizza the first night for dinner.
This was such a romantic beautiful evening together!

The outside fire's flame was super high!...haha
We kept wondering if it was supposed 
to be that "firey"... eeek!!

The next day, we ate a yummy breakfast at Kneaders and
then went shopping and to a car show !
We just walked all around the cars outside, walked
inside the little gift shops, and got souvenirs! 

Super relaxing!

For dinner that night, we went to Squatters ,
our favorite restaurant in Park City !

There was an outside concert that night, we sat an
watched up on the hill.

I ended up "people watching" mostly...there were tons of people there. Men and Women... drinking as they sat and watched the concert. As soon as they had enough alcohol in them, they started standing and dancing...the ENTIRE time, 
not stopping and not fully aware of their new 
full-dance-state that they were in!... haha
They didn't even know they were all over the place. 
Quite the exercise they were getting! 
They were getting more and more silly and crazy the 
more and more they drank. 
It was quite entertaining for us to watch!!
Jay just snuggled me up that evening as the music played.

This is our Lodge's swimming pool

There were jacuzzi's up on our floor not far from our room

Later that night, we went for a long slow walk up main street
just to window shop and hold hands as we walked 
under the dark late night sky.

It was so fun walking the and out of
gift shops that were open late. 

This restaurant was low to the ground!
I really liked it! so pretty to look
inside the windows!...not to
mention my handsome hubby
standing just outside :) xoxo

Our room was so comfortable!
We enjoyed our stay there!
Very quiet and very romantic! 

We kept saying that we hadn't been able to get 
away alone like this in a for sure full year.
Our getaway anniversary was very needed since we 
had had one of the most crazy stressful past few
years in a row. 

Jay felt a job career change was what he needed
 and after careful consideration, he let working for 
the state which he had been at for 12 years and 
we moved up north to try and start a new life for our family.
We felt this was a "last chance" change effort 
since we were getting older and needed to 
be getting settled. My sister so graciously offered for 
us to come and move into her home to live with her family. 
We lived with her for 2 years. 

And as amazing as she and her family are, we still felt 
the stress of living with extended family and worried a lot 
during that time. After moving up north, we found jobs as quick as possible. Jay had started school just as we 
had moved up thereSo he was gone at work early 
in the morning and then off to night school in the 
evenings and was gone until after 10pm each night. 
His goal was to make a better life for us and so he 
felt that this move and this extra effort was 
going to be worth it. 

What neither of us knew was how difficult 
this new journey was going to be.. there were lots of times 
that our plans were hitting "dead-ends"..and soon 
discouragement set in pretty thick and we couldn't 
shake it very easily. 

 Jay's crazy demanding schedule made it so 
that he was not getting to spend time much at all 
each day with me or the kids for those 
couple of years straight.
After our first year up north,  Jay decided to end his 
school and to get started working full time in his 
newfound career. Jays new job was grave-yard contracted 
job with shifts at Adobe.  We were SO excited about this job 
and the prospects of his getting hired onto Adobe after his
contracted year was up. But after a couple of months, Jay 
found that this contracted job was a very stressful job ..
that he quickly realized he hated working there. And 
when he would eventually get hired on full time, it would 
be graveyard shifts full time doing this exact same job. 
This news made him feel so much more discouraged.. 
and he felt so stuck.

Our lives felt definitely out of balance at this point
 and we all missed each other and missed our normal lifestyle. 
But we tried to make the best of the heavy stress 
by making sure to try and keep having fun as a family 
when we could all be together. We also were lucky to have 
our extended Graf families making sure that there 
were plenty of weekend parties happening so that 
we could feel their love too!

Jays graveyard shift job kept him away from seeing 
me or the kids much on a regular basis for all that 
time that he worked there as a contracted employee. 
He was a zombie each day from working graves and also all 
the stress he was carrying around. 
He became a different person as the discouragement 
set in thick. And then Jay found out that he was being let 
go (along with the other contracted employees)  
from his job since Adobe went on a hiring freeze.  

 We were so shocked at this news...and were so worried. 
We had just bought a new-used car and also had only 
been living in our new home a couple of months at this point. 
We were worried about finding a new job..especially 
because Jay was so new in this new career and 
didn't have work experience yet. We worried about possibly 
losing our new home even. This was more than Jay could 
almost face at that time of his life. Another "dead end" 
with our plans not seeming to work out again.
 I was really worried about my sweetheart
he was especially so discouraged.

It really felt like nothing was working out 
like we had planned. We worried that we 
had made a mistake in moving up north 
and chasing this idea of switching careers after all.

Times were hard and we felt the burden very heavy.
So at this time... our anniversary was a needed breath 
of fresh air for us to try and escape some of our stress 
and to also just be together since we hadn't been alone 
like this in a long long time. 

This was at the point of our 2 years of our 
"limbo" life, as we called it, 
and we felt the burden of our stress.
Park City was the perfect choice. 
It was so beautiful and was a good distraction for us 
to try and get our minds matter what else was spinning us around at the time in our 
crazy days just then.

18 years together had come so fast! 
We've been through a lot of wonderful previous years together, 
and also have had our share of difficult times to 
navigate through. But in the end, his hand 
is always holding mine, and my world is 
complete with him in it. 
He has always been my answer. 
He always will be. I love him.

He says that before he ever met me or knew I existed...
he prayed for me and there I came...just what he had prayed for. 
I have loved hearing him tell me that since the day 
I first met him. Jeannette, my mom in law, would tell 
me that too. She would say that Jay would describe his 
future wife and that I fit his description to the detail. 
 And that also our 2 kids fit his description 
of what he always said he wanted...even down to the color of
of their hair.  What I remind him of all the time is that 
I prayed for him right down to the detail...
and he showed up just in time. 

Even as life takes lots of twists and turns, 
our love for each other is always stronger and 
keeps us finding each other over and over again. 

Happy Anniversary to us

Our dessert from dinner that we saved for a midnight snack !

Breakfast the next morning was yummy

Our weekend stay went by way too fast, but was awesome!

Can't wait to go there again with my sweetie for another
time of celebration together !

Time together teaches us both so much!
 Life is an adventure for sure...and we are ready for more!