Saturday, October 5, 2013


John and his friends arrived a few days
ago to the Nielson's home to bring
 good tidings of great joy...a video of
KOLBY and treats from ENGLAND !

John (in the red shirt) was an expected visitor
whom we could hardly wait all week for !
 Kolby had given his family a 'heads-up' in a letter
 telling them to make sure and be home because
John was coming ! All week long there was so much
excitement waiting for this special visitor to come!!
Kolby gave strick instruction to "play along"
since it was suppose to be a surprise that John was coming we tried to play along and act like we didn't know....
 But, Kim finally decided to tell John that we knew
and we were ready and super excited for him to arrive :)

What an awesome experience to spend time that night
with John...listening to him tell us about his family getting
to spend time with Kolby in their ward and in their
home over in England.  It was fun to see and hear Kolby
on the video talk and to bear his testimony !
Kolby has a little bit of an England accent already !!

John is awesome to have taken the time to come
 to meet Kolbys family and to bring that video of
Kolby. Kim had tears while watching...and the kids
and the rest of us were also so proud as we could
clearly feel the spirit while Kolby talked.
We could clearly see that the "mantle"
of the missionary is real. Kolby is on the Lords errand and
it shows in his countenance. His spirit is bright !

We know... by reading Brandon, Christian, Kevin, and Gage's
letters home...that they, too, are all on "fire" with
missionary work that they are so busily engaged in daily!

We love our missionaries !!