Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just the latest going on 's....

For Conference we decided to play games while watching 
the talks. Here is Conference Pictionary :)
Megan drew Elder L Tom Perry !
...and here is Trey's Conference Bingo card

Jayme had a Conference Bingo card too that she did...but she spent most of her time drawing while she listened to
the talks. This is a picture she drew for one
of her classes for school. Both Jayme and Trey
 are talented in Art. I love it!

And we LOVED Conference too! I was
impressed with much of the focus being on Missionary
work. I was also so happy to feel the spirit so strong
with especially the Sunday session. The words spoken
by every speaker seems to touch my heart.

UEA break started this past week. Jayme hung out with
me at work for the afternoon on Thursday while Trey
was at the Nielson home playing with cousins. And
then on Friday, Trey hung out with me at work.
For my lunch break, I took him to one of our
favorite parks to see the ducks !

Oh my gosh, I love that boy !

And then one of Trey's favorite people in the world showed up
at our house to play with Trey Friday night...his cousin Rylund !! Trey and Rylund stayed busy playing football outside our house while both their dads went to the BYU game. I loved watching these two ...and they are both really talented at the game!

They decided to get padding on (pillows under coats...and helmets) so that they could play tackle foot ball! 

And soon, our next door neighbor came out and tossed the
football to both of them for a long while so that they
could do some plays. 

They drew out some of their plays for me :)

 Boys are so much dang fun !

...and tonight, Trey decided to make a "BOO" sign
and make cookies and take them next door to
our neighbors. I decided to capture him in action...

going in at an angle....

staying low.....

almost there....

the knock and RUN !!....

too much fun !

Jayme and I picked out this pumpkin, actually 7 of them, carve as her way of asking someone to Sadie Hawkins Dance coming up in a few weeks. We spent some
time tonight getting it all ready.
Look how cute it turned out !  ...and on the back
of the pumpkins it has Jayme's name. 

Here she is crossing her fingers hoping that she get's a "YES" in return.  We had so much fun dropping these off in the
dark of the night, tonight, in the rain. We stayed hiding
 in Jayme's car while we waited to see someone eventually come to the front door....we watched the porch light turn on and the boy come out and find these sitting on his front porch. He
walked around the pumpkins and bent over to read her name on the back of the them. We thought for sure he was going
to see us...but we stayed hidden and then finally got
brave and drove off real quick !

What fun it is to make all these great memories with my
 awesome kids !  I LOVE them both so very much !