Friday, October 4, 2013

What could be better than BYU and Lake Powell ?...

My boy loves BYU FOOTBALL,the HULK, and being with our FAMILY 
Like Father ....Like Son

Jay woak up to this scene the other morning....
His little boy playing with all the Hulks in the house !
Jay was so proud !

Jay loves to take the kids to the BYU games !
Here's one that he took Trey to recently

We all love to spend time with Jay... Here's
my time with him in Lake Powell ,with Brian
and Sharla too !
The trip was full of lot of fun things...
including FIREWORKS 

Here's Brian catching some nice water to ski on !

It's always such a comfortable
stay on the houseboat 

I caught Brian and Sharla spontaneously dancing...
soooooo cute!

Jay gets that pretty serious look when he
is about to water ski...

...Sharla and I are pretty serious about our jobs there too !

Can't top the food out at the lake 

Bri took this cool picture of Jay out skiing !

Then...we went Repelling ! Totally amazing...and it was
my first time. It was also 175 feet high. ahhhh!

And over the edge I went... we all did...
(see pics below)

It was interesting to me that I felt so safe though.
Kevin is amazing at making sure we are
totally safe. I wasn't even worried
when that realization came over me.
And Brian had prepped me with instructions, I didn't ever
worry about what to do.

It was so awesome to spider down

Here is Bri !!! Look at the pro that he is

Here I am showing my tired arms from the repel

Bri taught me how to drive the boat, it was awesome !

There's the rest of the group getting ready to
send Jay over and  down 

There's my babe ! Came down like it was nothin'

Sharla's turn !
So fun to watch each other come down

Sharla Rocked that Rock !

Landing in the boat

more yummy food

My last night there at the lake, it rained like mad...
it was so pretty...causing waterfalls to rush off the
lake powell cliffs ! 

Here's our awesome pirate flag in
that crazy rain storm that night
What a fun time we had with Brian and Sharla
and enjoyed Kevin's group too!
The Lake provided such a relaxing vacation
once again...with fun memories to add to our year !
Upon returning home...we found a little
surprise by Jayme....a new baby kitty !
Needless to say...Trey is one happy boy !

And a few days later...more BYU football to
enjoy with family

Here is the group that went to the BYU/UofU game !

And Trey and I joined the Graf family BYU party
at Mike's house....those pics are in the next post !! :)