Saturday, November 9, 2013

A a trip to Denver Colorado....Go Broncos !

A couple weekends ago we went to the Broncos
game! Brian and Sharla are seated in front of us on the plane
here. It's always fun for me to feel the powerful
 Plane engines lift up and away...
The plane ride to Denver was comfortable and quick!

Driving over to the Hotel while
checking out the city of Denver !

Getting ready to hit the town for the night !

We had too much fun with Brian and Sharla

Pretty city !!

Street food. There were lots of homeless
people, both old and young,  
around this busy place. I kept thinking that I might
see one of them sneak up and steel some food. But
we never saw any of that kind of action!
We did see a nun come flying past us on some
kind of motorized vehicle on the sidewalk with
a kid hanging on for life on the back! haha! She wasn't
even waiting for anyone on the sidewalk to move out
of her way...we almost got run over by the nun!
Some other people were dressed up in Halloween costumes
 along the way as we walked down the street :)

fun to check out the shops

Buying treats !

It was fun to see the city during the day...and then also
during the night...

Here's a restaurant we decided to eat at

It was so yummy! And we just sat and
talked and laughed for the longest time. It's
so nice to just get away and not have anything on
the agenda except to have FUN :)

The view from our room

Bri and Sharla showed us this COOL Jazz place !
The band was so amazing ! And I wish I would have taken
pictures of the people that were dancing ! They got more
wobbly the more they drank, hee hee
Chocolate covered potato chips !

We decided to eat dinner before going to watch
the Jazz Band play !

The restaurant was pretty inside and out

The Jazz Band was so much fun!!

He was so amazing ! And he knew how to
entertain the crowd so well !
I wanted to get up and dance more than a few times!
If Jay wasn't so shy out on the dance floor...we
might have been up there showin' our stuff !! :)

The next day, we arrived at the game and posed
for a quick picture by these enthusiastic FANS !

So exciting !! People, music, entertainment all around
getting the crowd fired up before the big game !

Cheerleaders signing autographs and taking pics !

The city was so pretty to see in the distance !

Wow! Our first view of the field !
It was impressive !

Grabbing a yummy bite to eat at the game !

We got some sweet free orange
sun glasses to wear !

The big screen was so cool !!

Wow, what an entrance for the Broco's team !

Everytime they scored, there was a bolt of fire from the
top of the big screen! We could feel the heat where
we were sitting !

These guys sitting next to us were very
enthusiastic...and drunk !

Excited for the Victory !

We stayed after the game and took some more pics

Denver, we LOVE you!
We had such a fun time !
Glad that we could go along with Bri and Sharla
and make some fun new memories !