Sunday, November 10, 2013


"What does the Fox say?"....
So, this is Laura, and this is at work for our
Halloween Party!

pumpkin carving contest :)

Prizes for winners for various contests

"Santa on vacation"
This is Darrell, a probation officer. He
is really Santa though ! :)

We had a Chilli contest and it was so fun to
taste-test and to judge !

We are the two "Lisa's" in our office :)

There were all kinds of food contests!
I thought this was so fun and creative !

Trey dressed up as a football/basketball player
since he couldn't decide which one to be...he
just decided to be both !

Trey's school all decorated for Halloween.
Jay and I went to the school Halloween Parade

Lot's of parents/kids in
costumes ! This was a
baby dressed as a cabbage patch kid

"headless kid"
so fun and creative !

There's Trey coming !

Jayme was  a Fox for Halloween during the
school day. "What does the Fox say" was her
inspiration for the costume idea as well !
Trey had a different costume he wanted to be for
the night time, trick or treating !

Watching trey go down the street to go
trick or treating with friends

Jay passing out candy

Jayme had her friend over the night of Halloween
for a while before they went to a friend party that evening

Jayme's pumpkin

Vampires !


Trey sharing candy with us after
he got home from trick or treating

Another successful Halloween night !