Monday, January 13, 2014

Kicking off the New Year with Disney

It was so much fun to stay at Disneyland !
It was also so neat to see Disneyland with all
their Christmas Decorations all lit up !!

We love to eat at Bubba Gump next to Disneyland !

We entered Disneyland bright and
early the day after New Years Day.

Taking a picture to send quick to my
work friends and trying
to Trey to say hi and smile to them ! :)

The evil witch peaking out her castle window...

It was CRAZY BUSY at Disneyland !!!
Arrrgghh !

On Pirates of Caribbean Ride

Jayme getting her portrait drawn

That night, we ate at Goofy's Kitchen

It was fun to have all the characters stop by our dinner table to
visit and take pics !
Back over to Disneyland rides after Dinner !

The next morning, we went early over to
California Adventure for the day

In line for the Car's ride! The kids loved this ride !!

Tower of Terror

World of Color show

I have never seen SO many firework shows!
It seemed they did them TWICE every night !

We loved every moment !