Monday, January 13, 2014

On to a brand new YEAR !

New Years Eve, we headed down south and
stopped by Grandma's house!
We also met the newest member of our extended family!
Nate and Alisha's new little cute!
And Kayla's sisters so happy to share her with us as
we visited that afternoon !

Visiting with Grandma/Grandpa Graf
and Nate/Alisha's family was great!
Then, it was time to hit the road and
drive for our plans to stay with
Grandma/Grandpa Fox in Nevada !

Grandma was ready for us with all kinds of yummy
food and treats for our New Years celebration!
The counter was full as the night rolled on and we ate
and ate! The Missionaries even came to hang out with us!

Grandpa was also ready
for us with entertainment...
a blazing fire! Trey lit
the match and we loved the
excitement of the huge bon fire!

New Years Day we drove
early and arrived at the Beach
in California !!

We had such an awesome day all together at the Beach!!

We always enjoy eating on the Pier !

A thick fog rolled in and made it hard to even see very far
in front of us and it made for some amazing pics until
the fog rolled back out
Trey showing me how thick the fog was getting

The fog was so pretty. It wasn't cold.
It was fun to tease the kids that this was "pirate" weather...arrgghh

Then the fog rolled out and the sun lit up the sky again


We enjoyed watching the people on the beach and the
surfers. It was easy to watch them along the pier.

Palm Trees and warm weather...ahhh!
This was a good start to a new year....