Monday, January 13, 2014

The rest of December...

Decorating at work was fun!
This Christmas tree we called our "Charlie Brown" tree

Jayme spent a lot of time on Sundays drawing during December

Jayme had a few requests to buy her art.
So fun ! Jayme's first customer :)

December is great because the extended family gets together!
We gathered at a yummy pizza place up in SLC
when Cliff came into town to visit !

After dinner with Cliff and the family, we found ourselves
 at Thanksgiving Point seeing the Christmas lights

This Ice sculpture was so pretty !

We stopped to take pics

Lots of neat Ice Sculptures !

Christmas Trees to buy !
December also brought Christmas school programs!

giggling because he just checked to see us
filming him !

Christmas Eve !


The Chocolate Orange in the Christmas stocking

Christmas morning brought surprises and lots
of things to keep us busy as a family that day !

..even kitty was happy with a new play toy !

The best was just to be spending all that time together as FAMILY