Saturday, April 5, 2014

Braces...and BYU !!

The before picture !!

Dr. Uncle Brian Graf quickly worked to remove
 these cute green braces !

So exciting to make it on that coveted board ! 

By this picture, you wouldn't know that Trey
 actually loved having his braces !! He thought
 they were so much fun ! But... he was also
 so excited for the big moment of having them off too :)

The "after" picture !
Trey seems so grown up now !

Jay and I at one of Trey's merit badge certifications

Jay and I went along with Brian and Sharla over
to BYU to watch the men's Volley Ball was so cool !

It was quite intense !
And....BYU won !!

Life is good whenever BYU takes the win !!