Saturday, April 5, 2014

Junior year of High School....

Jayme has been so busy this year and has
done so well to stay on the honor roll !
She has stayed busy with friends and family !

Jayme had fun dressing up for the different
High School dances this year. I don't have pictures
 of all the dances, but I am glad I taken a few before
 Jayme headed out ! 

Here's another dance !
So much fun !

The dance theme was "Disney"
 and I love that she decided to be the
Little Mermaid with her prince Eric !
I love these pics of her so much !...
I post a bunch randomly ...

A valentines dinner date !

These two grew so close from living together for 2 years...
they were each other's first roomate...
They feel like practically sisters 

I love this father/daughter photo !
This was taken at the BYU football game last fall :)

Jayme loves being a driver !

Jayme went with Nate's family to a concert at
the conference center in SLC

I have always loved this picture of Jayme

Silly girls !

between classes at school with friends

Jayme with Kass at the Brian Regan Concert 


Kass came over to give Jayme a birthday gift

Then more family arrived
 and helped getting the
 cake decorated ! :)

Ryan brought this awesome superman apron to us !

The kids like the kitty 

Singing Happy Birthday to Jayme !

Jayme spotted this shirt and loved it !
We took a quick pic of it !

For Jayme's birthday, she decided
she wanted to go out to dinner

Making a wish !

Happy 17th !!!