Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break adventures !

Spring Break brought many fun adventures!
Kim and Shaun took Kassidy to Hawaii and they
 invited Jayme to come along with them!

I went to help watch the kids over at Kim's house
 and we had lots of fun adventures of our own!
On the days I had to work, Krysta came hand helped...
which was most of the week! Kryta took the kids
 to "Jump On It" trampoline place, the Duck pond, and
to a neat animal farm. I took a few pics. And the
 girls sent pics home from Hawaii too.... !! 

Trey hanging out with Jay a day of spring break

During spring break, I was in SLC at a training.
And on a break, we got a quick tour around the building !
We felt like real supreme court Judges!!
We discovered the microphones were actually on and so
we tried to think of awesome judicial things to say...but all
I could think to say in my microphone was...
"clean-up on isle 4....clean-up on isle 4 please"....
Next time I will remember to say, "Order in the courtroom!!!" :)

Pretty cool to visit the Supreme Court !

Back in Hawaii during spring break,
the group went snorkeling !

and hiking...

and found a cool cave !

and totally relaxed !!

Back in Utah...the kids
relaxed too !...and played !!!

We enjoyed playing in the backyard
at the Nielson's home

and visiting the duck pond 

and grabbing a snack 
and visiting Cabelas

Hawaiian Luau

more snorkeling!...Jayme loved it !

Jayme said she loved how GREEN it was in Hawaii !!

... meanwhile...back at home in Utah...
Jay and Trey enjoyed the priesthood session
of General Conference.

And... I found a few more pics of
the kids enjoying the duck pond. 

I love this pic of Jayme snorkeling


Jayme sent this picture home
to show to Jay !

 Meanwhile...back at home in Utah at the Nielsons house....

Brooklyn and Macy taking turns doing my hair
 during watching General Conference

... and before we knew it, spring break was over...
and the Hawaii group returned home.
Everyone was so excited to see eachother again
and hear about all the adventures from
 the past week!!

Spring Break was a success !