Saturday, April 5, 2014

Turning 12 !!

Trey is in the mix there getting his 12 birthday
 spankings from each person there.... but,
Grandma gave him 12 kisses instead !

Trey getting ready to blow out candles from his first cake.
Jayme picked it's the Incredible Hulk !  
Rylund and Trey had a fun cousin sleepover and then after Trey's basketball game, we took the kids to the Zoo to celebrate Trey's birthday that day !!

And Trey's birthday was spent at the Zoo with cousins ! :)

Jayme and Jaycee got
matching souveniers

Scorpian suckers for the boys !

After the Zoo, we went to the Golden Corral for a birthday dinner

We had a second cake for family the next day to come and enjoy
 Singing Happy Birthday :)

Trey is so excited to be a "pre-teen" as he calls it!
He is loving being 12 years old, getting busy with scouts, Young Mens, and serving in the Aaronic Priesthood !!