Monday, July 21, 2014

Random going-ons in the past several months ...

Junior Prom 2014 !
Such a fun group date!

Here's a random regular ocurrance at my house...I tend
to burn EVERYTHING...even just from warming
it up on the stove !
Usually I stick it out on the back porch and
accidentally forget about it until
about 4 months later, haha!

One of the times this happened was this past winter.
It was pasta noodles which had burned at the stove.
After the stinking, burning, and fire alarm...I promptly
had set them out the back door. I remembered them
a couple days later and tried to pick the pot up, but
it had frozen over and I couldn't get the pan off
of the cement ...frozen solid. So I left it for about 2 months.
Forgot about it too. Then on Christmas Eve..the kids
opened the back door for Pixie presents and they
saw a frozen pot of frozen pasta sitting there for them!!! Apparently Pixie had to think quick to decide to
leave presents at the front door instead when he 

saw a random frozen pot of food sitting out the
back which he couldn't move. 

See this beautiful engine?  More trauma came when
we got our oil changed ...and the mechanic forgot to
screw our oil cap back on. By the time I had driven
it 25 minutes back home, the car was seizing up on me,
smoke all over the place, and the car making all kinds
of strange new sounds. ALL the oil had spilled , 

sprayed, leaked, spurted out ALL over
the road...the engine..and our DRIVEWAY
 when I pulled up to park at my house.

This is Kory, our way fun crazy awesome next
door neighbor. Jay was taking pics of the damage
and Kory decided to come over and be
a car model for the pics. 

Dang mechanic ! That oil , which Jayme and i
sprayed with the water hose (which only spread the oil ALL over our driveway way worse) ended up taking hours to scrub off. It eventually ...over much time...faded away.  But with the bad comes the good again...hence: Kim and I decided to fit
Womens Conference into our was so great!

We decided to not fight the rushing crowds all
over BYU from class to we, instead,
stayed in the Marriot building the whole day.
It was so nice and relaxing. Each class we moved
up closer and closer..and by the end for the final
speaker we were practically on the front row.
I love to hear the apostles teach !

Kim is so fun to be with and we had fun talking and catching up !
Sister's are the best kind of friends !!

Another random thing that I loved recently was that
Jay was a rock-star and built these shelves in the garage.
These have been so nice for storage ! I love it when
he has these kinds of project ideas !

This is Emma, she is ALL FUN.....NO GLOOM !
She only worked at the courthouse for 6 months
and then was able to be a stay-at-home mom (so jealous!!) ,
But while she worked there, It never ever ever felt like work ! haha, Emma was the first person I've ever met
that truly made every single tiny moment count !
What a great new friend she is !

And she loved all my quirky things my coming to work
with mis-matched shoes on accident ! 

One day we decided to wear mis-matched socks to bug
the Baliff who hates mis-matched SOCKS !!
we forgot we were wearing them all morning , haha!

The Final Count-down!
Emma made sticky notes
of her last few hours
left at work on her
last day !
Emma made this book
of how to do the different
..and on the front cover she
put Shakespear and Wiskers representing both of us as the "noddy
meer-kat kids (from the TV show "meerkat Manor") of the office since weseemed to be always finding ourselvesin trouble for
playing a little too much"
Emma was a fun, silly, friend !

Another thing that I loved this year were all the
Temple pics that Jayme drew ! This one is was for a friend
to give to her mom for mothers day ! I love how it turned out !
Jayme is a gifted artist !

Speaking of Mother's Day...It was such a great day!
So, being a Sunday, I got the opportunity to teach a 

lesson in Relief Society on "Mothers" with my presidency.
We had a blast teaching it. And the Young Women came
in and co-taught it too with a special -musical number!
The spirit was so sweet !

Back at home, I was showered with gifts from my cute
awesome family !

One day, randomly, Jay decided to
make me some cold-storage shelves!!
If you build will come !
least that is what I am counting on happening ! haha

Oh ! ...and another fun , random thing , that Jay
and Kory built together was this awesome
out-door movie screen !!
It's been fun for neighbor- get-togethers on our street !

Here's a random thing that I have loved watching this summer...
Trey and the kitty are BEST buds !! Total snuggly too !
That kitty is trey's best friend on many days as he gets ready
in the mornings and just follows trey everywhere !

Cute cousins!
Jayme up at girls camp,
she loved being a youth camp leader up there.

Jayme is finishing up her years as a Young Woman
... she will be turning 18 this next spring. So fun to watch
her growing up so fast !
This is her camp award for being a 6th year..Jayme loved
her girls camp this past summer and she was
a fantastic leader out there !!