Saturday, August 30, 2014

Airplanes in June, 4th of July at the Aquarium, and Texas Roadhouse

This past June...we took a Saturday, lathered up with sunscreen, and rode the train to Hill Air Force Base to watch the air show !!

Met up with Jim's family for the day
Trey got some cool
aviator sun-glasses there

The airplanes were so cool to tour inside

Trey capturing some of the airshow with Ipad

Recruits in the making !

Cecily !


It was a really fun day!!

July 4th we took the kids to the Aquarium !

We were so impressed , we had a great time there !

Glowing Jelly fish !!

Jay and Jayme got to
be part of the exhibits !

Trey too !!

I'm not sure how I ended
up with these ginormous
3-D glasses ! 

We were loving the SHARKS !!!

Trey loves animals of any kind !!
Jayme too.
They both would have loved to live on a farm I think...

or in the Ocean....or something like that :)
We decided to celebrate Jay's
birthday dinner 2 days early, so we
went to the Texas Roadhouse !

And he was a good sport

Soon to be 41 years old !

We returned home and went to our own
live aquarium...which needs some cleaning !