Sunday, August 31, 2014

July Traditions...and also a one of a kind family reunion in Kanab !

We started off with the 24th of July  breakfast
at the good ol' 7th ward !
oops..I think it's been changed to the 2nd ward now...
but whatever. :)

I love tradition....and that's what this breakfast
is each summer !
Dad is helping serve the breakfast
with the other high priests !

After the breakfast we went back to
Grandma/Grandpa's where dad showed us
the results from the crazy late snow storm this year !

I love dad's flowers each summer !
That's tradition too....he loves to plant them.

cousin time !!!

Tradition also brings the main street parade !
Nate and Steph
Jay and my dad

cousins !

The evening of the 24th we found ourselves in Kanab...
ready to party for a 2-day Chamberlain family reunion !

Super cute daughter of mine !

Jay relaxing !
Kim and Shaun rented this home and let a bunch of
us crash here with them for the 2 day stay 

I love this pic of Brooklyn !

Jay and Shaun organized a volley ball game with the kids !

My cute sister

Jay cooking for dinner 

Jess !

Ryan and Donna !

Kim and sis-in-law, Donna

We toured an old family home

my brother and aunt

This is Thomas Chamberlains home !
He was my great-great grandfather

I love the porch ! Super pretty !

Lots of relaxation time at the rental home,
The kids had an absolute BLAST !

My family !

Mike and Kaleb

Kim's family  !

Ryan's family !

haha, kim being silly
as she is remebering
how she used to be in the
band at highschool and
wear those uniforms !
Jayme found a funny furry

my brothers and a couple of cousins reading
about our ancestors at the museum

Boy, you can find Elvis anywhere !

We found lots about our ancestors at the museum

We toured some old family homes...and even found
some fun secret hideouts down in the floors !

there were 2 huge rooms down there !

my aunt and a couple of my cousins

Jay with my brother, Ryan, setting up chairs

more cousin time

my brother, uncle, and a cousin 

relatives everywhere I looked !

...and more cousin time !

more and more showed up !!

my 3 brothers catching up with my aunt and uncle

They had snow cones, cotton candy, and lots of games..
Then they fed us a yummy dinner !

Lots to eat...and lots to do while we mingled
and visited with all the relatives !

me with my cousins

my daughter with her cousins

TREY so happy !!!!


And I celebrated turning 41
years old out there !
It was so fun to have my
birthday at the same time
as the reunion in Kanab

my mom with her brother and his wife 

My mom with her 2 brothers and sister...and spouses

Mom was in heaven out there, she was so happy
to be there and enjoying all the family !

my mom introducing all our family

After they each introduced their own families...
Uncle John David talked about Grandma/Grandpa
Chamberlain and the kind of people they were...
it was so great to hear about their lives.

My family !

My brother-in-law and his daughter

my niece, Kass

my dad and brother

mom visiting with my cousins

my aunt and cousin


my cousin and her kids

My dad and brother

Me with my mom

Jayme with cousins

My sister and cousin

My mom and brother

A play to portray Thomas Chamberlain

Jay surprised me with my family for my birthday
on our way out to the swimming pool 

Heading out to see another play in Orderville !

What a FUN time we all had...the family reunion was
so well planned and was a BLAST !