Monday, August 4, 2014

End of school year...and into summer adventures....

Getting ready for graduation !

Trey shaking the hands of the principal , who had died his
hair since he lost a bet with the 6th graders earlier
in the week, haha, he's so cool!
Trey got his diploma and is officially graduated
from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ...moving on
to the big Junior High School now!!

with his teacher !

I am a proud mama !
He is the best boy any mom could ask for !!
I love him!!!!!

Hey, another fun thing!...our
next door neighbors got 4-wheelers
and we went out for a ride !

Pretty !

I love this pretty pic too of my Jayme!
So, we went up the canyon for some

Trey had fun seeing the cows close by

Trey and Jay worked together on building the fire 

It wasn't long before Trey went building fires again !
Scout camp was a blast and he told me how fun it was and
he was excited to go and camp again soon. 

When Trey got back, we went to the Zoo !
The Zoofair was finally open again after a year-long
of it being closed for construction

This bear was my favorite of the visit that day

Trey cooling Jay off with a mist squirt bottle

We loved visiting Jayme when we got back from the Zoo
She was working hard !

Another fun trip this summer was to ride
the front runner up north
to sleepover with cousins !

Let the "cousin-time" begin !!

I went along with Jay on a
fun work trip !

This was in Moab...tents to rent for the night

We went out for Pizza for dinner...yum !
The trip was such a fun little get-away also for a couple of days 

Father's Day arrived and Jayme
took her dad out for a date !!

Sushi !! It's the best !

I found some fun pics of Jay and the kids for a
"Father's Day look-back"  :

Jay has always adored his kids and has been the one to
play right along with them ! The kids adore their dad too !

Oh, and another fun thing this summer was of course...

Trey video-ing the rodeo

And this is the Strawberry Days parade !!

The parade was really fun, and we got some snow cones
after to try and cool down in the hot temps !

This picture was taken by Jayme one night this summer...
love the summer time sun-sets !

We also made it to the Lehi parade to see these
cute cheerleaders in the parade

I loved this float in the parade !

Another weekend, we got to go and enjoy the company of Jay's family and friends up in Layton !

That is all for this post....more to come in the next :)