Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some happenings from July

Hanging out with our neighbors on the
4th of July. My back was out and I was kinda dying...

so it was nice to hang out around the house. 
Trey provided the firework show for us,
our neighbor provided the campfire,
and then we ended the night with an outdoor movie !

I am liking our flowers this summer ! They were fun to plant.

Watching the fireworks going on all around us in the skies !

Kass came over to
hangout with us !

July also brought the awsome
celebrated event of Cole's

The pumpkin patch !
Jayme escorting me into
the pumpkin patch since
I didn't have shoes on!

Carrie giving tours in the patch

Jay and Kyle

Kyle and Carrie's house and yard is so pretty

Trey and Rylund feeding the goats

I love the trampoline tricks !

Carrie so happy to celebrate Cole

Jay with the b-day boy Cole !

Kyle set up an amazing water slide in his yard !
The kids had a BLAST !

Grandpa keeping the
slide watered

Hey, check it out...our first
patch of grass!!
Our neighbor had some left
over ...
so we found
room for it :)

Jay's birthday was fun to celebrate also in July !
We invited some family over for cake !

The kids found a frog
and Kass decided to
see if the myth was true....
but it didn't turn into a prince
since she didn't actually
dare kiss it !

Here are some random July pics !
Visiting Jayme at her work is always fun to do :)
We are so proud of her and her hard-working self !

Trey and kitty :)

I took Trey fishing in July 

Trey is so cute and I love spending time with him !

Jay and I also love spending time with good friends !

Steve and Julia came up for a quick visit and
we went to lunch with them at one of our
favorite restaurants

After lunch with Steve and Julia, we went to
the pet store so that Trey and his cousins, Josh,
could play with the cute little pets there 

Jay seriously wanted to adopt this one...he bonded or
something in the few minutes we were there ! haha

For Josh, it was this one !

And for Trey, it was this one !

Oh!...something else in July was the birth of my great-nephew !

Super duper cute !

It was so fun to watch Angie doing the photo-shoot

Proud parents there !