Sunday, September 28, 2014

The rest of August 2014 !

Trey doing the ALS ice-bucket challenge...
Jayme had just as much fun helping him with it :)

Jay ice-bucket challenge

Last month, August, our family had fun visiting
Grandma/Grandpa Fox for the weekend in Nevada

Grandpa had fun swimming with us

Yum!..tradition...Grandma's cream-toast

Cream toast in the pool !...spoiled !

We love staying in the Guest house !

The Guest house !

We all love the pool !

...and we love Grandma's potato salad !

Jay loved spending time with his Dad !

Grandpa always does the best fires !

Explosion of flames

Jay found some old pics of us at the house :)

He even found a pic of him as a baby with Grandpa Wood

Jay and his sister, Tam

more swimming the next day !!

Having a blast !!

Grandpa/Grandma's pretty !

My ice-bucket challenge

Jayme drew this picture of the Bountiful Temple for me
for my birthday !

T-rey drew this picture of Batman, and I loved it so
much I put it on our wall by the family room !

And those are some tid-bits from August !