Sunday, September 7, 2014

Celebrating lots of birthdays...and also other fun things !

Helping Kass celebrate her birthday !

Jay took some photos of the conference room at his work
.... he couldn't feel more at home at his place of work...
HULK !!!!

We went up north to spend time celebrating
Jackson's baptism !

And I also love this picture!
This is Jay at his work party we attended.
Jay bought a cheap $4.00 swim suit on the way to
the party because he didn't want to have
to drive home to get his suit.
When he got in the water, he suddenly realized
that his new white $4.00 suit was
Beautiful Jayme

The moment Jay realized he was wearing a see-through suit and
telling me about it and  how he can't get out of the pool...
but he was also worried about all the little kids who were
wearing goggles underwater.... !

The party went on with out Jay...Everyone
got out and did games....Jay cheered them
on from inside the pool  and he wilted and wilted
and the hours went on . 

Jayme taking a pic with Jay

...and then a new game started where everyone got
out of the pool to line up for the belly-flop contest...Jay
again cheered from inside the pool ! 

Jayme had got thrown in...and so
she decided to play with Jay for a while 

And then it got dark..and the pool lights lit up and Jay
HAD to hurry and get out of the pool 

He got out just in the pool lit up 

Oh , this is a fun memory too...we went to celebrate
Brooklyns birthday at Thanksgiving point !

Oh, and I love this picture too! We went up the
mountain to spend time with Ryan and Donna
when they were up this way last month

SMORES ended the night perfectly