Saturday, October 18, 2014

September 2014

So, there is nothing better than banana nut bread
 for an after school snack  !  YUM !

I don't find time to bake much, so when 
I do...the family is always super HaPpY !!

I found a bunch more pics that were part of 
our family September going-on's...

We enjoyed going to
Justin/Andrea's baby blessing

Generations of Graf's ! :)

Girls night out in September with my cute daughter :)

Posing with the Incredible Hulk from the
old TV series was a highlight of Jayme's September...
AND...totally made her dad happy and jealous !!

Trey's September Scout campout was over to Yuba Lake!
They got to do a service project while out there..
helping set up for the race for the Triathlon happening 

 that Saturday morning...also passing out 
water along the running part of the race! 
Trey said it was a blast !
Also Jay went and they brought Caleb with them, who
is working on getting a bunch of his
scouting done with Trey :)

And the Triathlon begins ! ...

Some of the athletes would tell the scouts to just
throw the water on them as they passed by to cool them down

The souts all got medals
(same ones as the competitors!)

...and they all got Triathlon shirts too!
The athletes told the scouts that they were the best group that they had seen with helping with a Triathlon....SO COOL !

At our neighbors backyard for their son's birthday party
just before the BYU game was starting ! GO BYU !..
our neighbor is not a fan of the blue though, haha

This was a fun part of my summer and lasted clear into
September... my kids would pick wild flowers from out
in our back yard for my
kitchen table ... I loved it !

In September, Jayme was asked to Homecoming :)

Here was Jayme's answer...
a photo that she put into a frame :)

Jay and I think Jayme is such a pretty girl !
Her date looked so handsome too..
These two had such a great time !

These four decided to take pics at Thanksgiving point, while
the rest of the group went and took them at the dance.
Jayme said she loved how beautiful Thanksgiving point was
and she was excited to show me at a later time where they
had taken pictures :)

What a good looking group! 

And..of course enjoying the big screen for
more months than September was a  popular choice ...
out in the backyard.  On that particular night it wasn't
a was a Zombies video game

Another hobby/activity that has kept us busy has been
putting grass in our back yard ..literally piece by piece
as we can get lucky enough to gather scraps from
neighbors who are giving away extras :)
We are half way there ! :)

Well...that's a peak into September from some of
the pics that I spontaneously took here and there between
the daily life of work/school/and extra curricular activities :)