Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 2014 Part 1

We braved the rain and went to check out
the weighing of the Giant Pumpkins
at Thanksgiving Point

We loved all the Halloween decorations there !

Kyle's pumpkin getting weighed ! 945 lbs !

This one WON the most beautiful pumpkin

Getting our picture taken with the
one and only Kyle Fox !

Jay makes DELICIOUS meatloaf !
So we took some over and had dinner
with Grandpa who added to the meal
with the yummiest side-dishes !

October also brought out the spooky decorating
at Jay's workplace. Trey and I went to visit and
check out the haunting that was happening there.

Jay loves his job so much ! We are having a blast
watching him have a blast with his work. We hear of
the fun things they do often during their week to make
sure that they not only work hard..but play hard too !

Thanksgiving Point is always a great place
to come and visit...this time it was for the Premeir of
 "The Rise Of The Giants " featuring the Utah

Giant Pumpkin Growers...and their lives...REALLY cool !!

Enjoyed sitting by Kristen and Bruce during the movie

We enjoyed pumpkin pie after
the movie !

Kyle's giant pumkins make it so much more
fun to celebrate the FAll season with !
Speaking of FALL time...Grandpa Wood
came over to my house and surprised me with this
beautiful flowers center piece that I can put on
the relief society table on Sundays!!
I LOVE it so much !!

Grandpa Wood is so AWESOME !!!! 
We love getting together with him !!!

This October, two of these cute ladies that I serve with 
in the relief society had birthdays 
so we figured that we better CELEBRATE together! 
We make sure to play one day each month together.
These are some awesome ladies! We stay very busy
serving together .We are learning a lot from the rest 
of our awesome sisters in our ward that 
we are blessed to serve. 

October is also fun because the Halloween stores
are open and our family can go in and play with all the costumes !

Love Halloween !

BYU game with a couple of true blue fans !
Jay loved going to the game with Bri, Ry, and Sharla !
GO BYU !!!!

Brian and Sharla got asked if they were
Taysom Hill's parents

Conference was also a favorite part
of October ! Ryan and Donna's family
stayed with us for the weekend , it was a blast !!!

Saturday morning, Ryan took his family
 up to SLC to try and get into a session !

After Saturday conference morning session,
we listened to the afternoon session
on the way up the canyon. 

We also enjoyed looking 
at all the fall leaves out the windows !

The girls had fun snapping photos!
These are used for Jayme's
Senior pics  ;)

Kass is an awesome photographer !
We are having her do our
family Christmas picture !

Love this boy !
...and THIS boy too !

A sneak peak of one of the finished photos
from Kassidy our photographer !

Look who we finally caught up to ! haha
These two went ahead and explored the
 whole place ! They are too much fun! waiting
around watching jayme's photo shoot was not
exciting enough for them...they are action seekers !

Saturday night Kimmi and kids came over to
visit Ry's family over at our house. We made /decorated
Sugar cookies and listened to the Priesthood Conference
 Session on TV 

dancing to spooky spooky songs !

Sunday Morning Conference Session...PJ's and
Conference Bingo !

The kitty seemed to be really interested in his bingo card !

Jess had fun playing bingo on the kitty ! haha

Watching Conference kids ?? haha
Jay and I had fun relaxing and visiting with Ry and Donna 
during the conference talks

Jayme asking her date for Sadies !
I love watching the kids having fun in school !

Jay's work had a GOLF DAY !
Did I mention he loves his job ??!!

There we have it !....part 1 of October 2014