Monday, November 24, 2014

October-November 2014

Jay trying on Trey's Halloween mask

Painting Pumkpins
and decorating our front porch !

At Hee Haw Farms
watching Kyle's Giant Pumpkins drop !

Student of the day!

work friends !
and work partys !

Happy Birthday dinner
with Jim !

Vampire for school !
Dressing up at work

Pirate, Kitty Cat, Josie Grosie, and Vampire

Macy came to visit me !

Jayme came to visit me too...and to
carve her Halloween pumpkin ! :)

Halloween night we were answering the
door, passing out candy...while our two kids
were out and about on the town !

Kim came to visit me !

Jay and my dinner
Halloween night ...yum!
Jay and Trey very serious in their characters !

Brooklyn trying on Jay's costume

They kitty welcoming Trey home on
Halloween night

Love this pic of Jayme at Hee Haw farms !


getting ready to blast of Trey's

We love having Trey and Caleb doing
 Scouts together !!!

Celebrating Kims birthday !

Another fun room at Jay's work

Relief Society Fantastic Friday activity
This is Carrie, She's my amazing secretary!

we made a bunch of freezer meals for a couple
 of families in our ward

sewing at Fantastic Friday

Jay's No-Shave November has begun !!