Thursday, December 25, 2014

I can't believe how fast we flew through November !

Jayme was so excited about this
year's Night Of Excellence !

She is the president of her laurel's class and so
she had a meeting with her presidency and came
up with such a fun idea for the theme !
They decided it would be fun to make it
like the Grammy Awards !

Their father's all walked them down the red-carpet
to where the each got an award and said
 a few things in the microphone about their
 achievements in Personal Progress that year !

Jayme talked about the many temple-pictures she had drawn
 and the reasons feeling she had while drawing them.
She had them all show-cased there. They were beautiful!!
I forget to snap a picture of them !

The laurel girls also welcomed the newest girls
 to Young Womens by introducing them one by one !

It was so "Grammy" Like in that room...sooo fun !
Their leaders sang a beautiful Grammy-winning song
(the 2014 theme song for Young Womens )

And of course we had very beautiful refreshments too !

I remembered to snap a picture of the entire room
after most had left at the end

getting the girls together for a group pic

..and being silly

What a cute fun group of girls !

Jayme loves her young womans president!

We are proud of our Jayme !

Trey had a fun this November picking out his
 new glasses ! So handsome !
He was going for the "Peter Parker" from Spiderman look !
He's so cute !

For my sister's birthday this November
we decided to celebrate by taking a Time Out !!

The one and only Noelle Pikus-Pace was speaking !

Mormon Celebrities !

Mercy River

Happy Birthday to Kimmi !

Thanksgiving at the Nielsons !
Dad came up from Cedar too !

Macy giving me the biggest smile she possibly could !

The next generation of Teenagers :)
Brooklyn made these cute
Thanksgiving Decorations
 for the tables 

Cheyenne stopped by with her cute hubby to be !  Married soon in May !

My best friend and honey !

I love this picture of Grandpa Graf with Trey !

super cute couple !!
My cutie !

..and then the GAMES began ! 

The Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving Day 

Grabbing a picture with dad  :)

Jay and Shaun taking their own selfie !
It was a great Thanksgiving :)

The night after Thanksgiving we gathered in CedarHills to
be with little Gabe for his baptism !
This is Gabes whole family :)

After the baptism, we brought the party to
Mike and Barbara's house !

And the games broke out again !
These nieces and nephews are awesome !
And they have Jay entertaining them :)

Jay got our lights up outside...we love them !
Now...on to DECEMBER....