Tuesday, April 21, 2015

February 2015

BB Photos...what a cutie !

Trey and Rylund playing FB
on Trey's Birthday

Trey is 13 years old !!!

We decided to celebrate the birthday at "Nicklecade"...
 all games a nickle. Trey was in heaven !!

To Celebrate Trey turning into a TEENAGER !!.....
Trey got 2 gifts...a TV to play his video games on ...
and a video game !!

Trey was SO surprised and happy
that he quietly went to give
his dad a hug ! 

Next he came and gave me
and hug...and then even JAYME !!
But he wouldn't let Jayme
give him a kiss !

We had so much fun at Nicklecade!...next
we went for his birthday dinner at
his choice...Texas Roadhouse...yum!

Trey didn't want to ride the saddle..so Rylund were discussing
 how to have Rylund go in his place because they
 were wearing the same jackets and with the hoodie up you
 can't tell who is who, ha ha !

He wasn't a fan of riding
 the saddle...but he did great ! 

The next day was Trey's actual
birthday...it was on a Sunday

The Nielsons came
with presents to give Trey that

Trey in action at his Basketball game 

Trey was guarding this GIANT !

Trey and Jay's favorite game
 during the month of February 

Jay and Trey went to the Jazz game !

Trey drew this ...more drawings to come !!

Monday, April 20, 2015

February 2015

I found these pics on my phone ! ha !
This is Jayme with a couple of her
friends over at our home.

Off to the zoo for Trey's b-day !

We had dinner with Jay's siblings
 while we were up in that neck-of-woods the night
that Christian flew into the airport from his mission to Korea :)
Christian came home from his mission in Korea !

Ice cream after the airport

This is a fun pic of Jayme's CNA class she
has been taking this semester

This is at Mike & Barbara's home after church
for Christian's homecoming talk

Korean candy

cousins picture !
February also brought the Sweethearts dance
at the highschool ...Jayme's way of asking :)

...and more Junior Jazz basket ball in February !

So fun to have Rylund with us for Valentines weekend...
those two boys made Jay's valentines box...see below 

Basketball themed of course !