Monday, April 20, 2015

February 2015

I found these pics on my phone ! ha !
This is Jayme with a couple of her
friends over at our home.

Off to the zoo for Trey's b-day !

We had dinner with Jay's siblings
 while we were up in that neck-of-woods the night
that Christian flew into the airport from his mission to Korea :)
Christian came home from his mission in Korea !

Ice cream after the airport

This is a fun pic of Jayme's CNA class she
has been taking this semester

This is at Mike & Barbara's home after church
for Christian's homecoming talk

Korean candy

cousins picture !
February also brought the Sweethearts dance
at the highschool ...Jayme's way of asking :)

...and more Junior Jazz basket ball in February !

So fun to have Rylund with us for Valentines weekend...
those two boys made Jay's valentines box...see below 

Basketball themed of course !