Sunday, April 19, 2015

January and February 2015

In January we took the kids to the Aquarium

Flashback photo from December: Jayme got to
go over to talk with Kolby for Christmas

Jayme with her boyfriend, Bridger, to see
the lights on temple square

Another flashback photo from December:
These cute Graf Cousins doing service at
Primary Children's Hospital with aunt Barbara
Where else can you get chicken
 and eggs on the same plate?
Golden Corral baby !
We met here for a surprise birthday
for Grandpa Wayne !
Trey and Rylund !

Carrie and me

It was so fun to be with all the family !
Grandpa was so surprised and so happy !!


Saying good bye to Greg and Charity on our
way out of the we went over to see
Adam and Annie's new home...and to open
Christmas presents from Grandma/Grandpa Fox !!

Jay made me laugh
when he jumped onto one of
these at the grocery store !!

A sad thing in January was that Jayme's car was totaled !!

BUT...on a happier note...a fun thing in January was Jayme's
 highschool dance !!

January also brought
Basket Ball !!! 

Such a cutie !

Jay's work is AWESOME !
They had a party on this particular day 

More BB with T-rey !

Just a fun pic of Jaycee and Jay

I had a bad health time in January !
I got pneumonia for almost 8 weeks straight !!
And since I was sick..I missed Kevin's homecoming 

Jay taking me out for a valentines date
...I was just starting to feel better from my
bad pneumonia deal

Here's some left-overs we brought home for Trey boy !

Jayme getting answered back for Sweethearts dance !