Sunday, April 19, 2015

The rest of DECEMBER 2014...and bringing in 2015 !

Have had fun as a relief society
presidency doing monthly girls-nights

came home to my sleeping boy :)

Our cute little family had tickets for the church presidency 
Christmas devotional at the conference was awesome !!

We had fun seeing the lights after the concert around the SLC Temple

Jay and I on our way to Jay's work Christmas party
 at the Riverwoods

The lights were so pretty there too !

Trey got a new fish in December !

This picture is of me and my counselor, Johana,  at
a relief society dinner in December

Trey took this picture of me and Jay after our ward
Christmas party...look no snow. It didn't snow much
this winter for us.

Look at this cute kid ! Getting new handsome !
Jay and I took the kids to see the Christmas concert 
at the conference was the Muppets !

They recorded it for next year it will come out...we will
have to watch it again and see if we were on camera :)

This is a probation officer at my work
he is Santa every year for all of December !

Trey made this in school !! Little pillow :)

Jay and I double-dated with our
next door neighbor friends, the Lovells,
for dinner at the Riverwoods for Tiff's birthday !

Kory and Tiff

It was fun to see my sibling's homes
in December! This is Mike and Barbaras !
Cute idea !

The Timp temple is right close to Mikes was shining
So pretty that night , I had to stop and take a picture

We had fun over at Brian & Sharlas
home for the BYU vrs Memphis game ! Jayme is holding
Andrea & Andrea's little baby :)

The boys were freaking out about the game, haha, it was tense !

This was over at Curt & Sydna's home
for a fun Graf Christmas party with Pixie too !

The kids LOVE the dance-off's they have there !


Pixie, Pixie, come right now !!

Best friends in LOVE !

Showing our "pixie" excited faces !!

Jay's lauging because I said that we found Pixie in his arms !

Pixie left presents...this is for the couple
expecting TWINS !

Our home in December :)

My neighbor, Tiff, gave me this pretty wreath

At work...our Judge got us christmas slippers !!

This is Kim & Shauns home on Christmas Eve

Christmas eve 

Jay relaxing his neck

My turn !!

Pixie peaked again on Christmas Eve !

Jayme opening her gift from Pixie...and in the picture below she
is realizing it is a clump of coal !

Trey getting his clump of coal too !!

Pixie pajamas
Trey got a ski mask and a robe

Trey holding his clump of coal 

Trey loved this sand to play with

decorating sugar cookies

Jay and trey playing with Trey's sand 

We ended Christmas Even night by Shaun reading
the true Christmas story of Jesus's birth

Christmas morning early...
Jayme got a lamp, chair, bed stand, and some shoes...
Trey got toys and a telescope

Trey's room with the telescope in it

Jayme's room wiht her lamp, chair, and bed stand

we LOVED getting this picture from Curts home where
 their family loved our present to them of Christmas socks and candy !!

Jayme had fun this year doing
service in she is
on her school bus with others to
go buy christmas presents for families in need this season !

I took this picture quick while driving home from work
 one day..blurry...but I loved the light snow that day.

We had a quiet New Years eve at our home

Jay and Trey trying out the new-years-eve poppers...
making sure they would explode when we needed
to bring in the New Year at midnight :)

I LOVE my kids...I am a proud mama