Sunday, June 14, 2015

Easter weekend we brought our friend's basketball hoop up to our house, turned on conference, and found our easter baskets. Easter morning, we received the sad, un-expected news that Jay's mom, my sweet mother-in-law Jeannette, had suddenly passed away.

Jay at his office at Nexsense

After receiving the sad news
about Jeannette's passing, we went to spend the rest
of Easter Sunday with family. The week was a "fog" of
questions and unbelief that we lost her.

She was too young.
We soon found out that she was in stages of Cancer
that none of us (even her) knew about. Knowing that
helped ease the pain a little...that she didn't have to
suffer any longer. She had been wondering why she
hadn't been feeling well for the past year especially.
Dr's couldn't seem to figure out the reasons. 

Her cancer was called Amyloid. It is difficult to diagnose.
We felt blessed to have been able to spend a little
time with her the couple of weeks before she passed
since she was up here visiting family for Gage's mission homecoming. We love and miss her so much !
There were lots of tears as we gathered for her funeral.
But, we also made sure to celebrate her life and
remember the good special memories of her, and
this made us smile too. As family, we 

were able to keep our spirits sort of up during her viewing... 
I think it helped having the family all together.
The funeral and burial, the following day, was harder.

Amy, my sis-in-law, put together this program...
pictures are so beautiful !

This was at the viewing in Pleasant Grove the night
before Jeannette's funeral. 

This was at the funeral an hour before it started.
We are setting up.
The boys were in the Gym and I had to
get a pic of them in their Sunday best.

This pic was taken just moments before people were starting to come so we wentinto the room with the family to say our last good-bye's to sweet Jeannette.

My dad and brother's family drove up from 
Southern Utah early that morning. 
I really appreciated my family who were able to come, 
I love them so much !

This picture was taken outside just after Jeannette's funeral.
These are the ones who carried her casket and placed it in the car.
What a beautiful casket.
Jeannette was so beautiful in side and out, 

the funeral service was a memorial to her in such a lovely way. 
We are missing her so much !
Jay's cousins
Uncle Terry and Gage

 Jay my two brothers and my brother-in-law. 

So happy that my brother and sis-in-law's family were able to
travel up from southern Utah that morning to be there. Jayme 

and I had fun visiting with them there. They loved Jeannette too, 
she was always so loving and kind to all my family.

This is my sister, Kim, with her husband, Shaun, 
and daughter, Hailey.
Also my sister-in-law, Barbara.
So grateful they were there too ! Love them !

My beautiful Jayme, with sweet Kass ,...also my dad and brother in the background. 

Jay with cousins.

My handsome Trey with Rylund 

This was over at the cemetery
with the family, and close friends.

Jayme , Jenn, and Annie

Tam with one of her best friends

It was an especially
hard day for Bruce

My sweetheart, Jay.


Our close friends, the Olsens

Uncle Larry and Kristen

Annie handing out roses to the grandkids

Jeannette's siblings

Tam and Ali

Jeannettes kids

So happy that Jen snagged this photo of us ! I love our eternal family so much !
And one day we will see and be with Jeannette again !

Jay & Lisa Mills Family

Those from the cemetery met back at the church
 for a dinner provided by Relief Society sisters. We
were so thankful for them in providing this for us.

Here's a few pics of Jeannette, xoxo

2 years ago at our home

more recent

This was a couple weeks before we lost her