Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just a few memories from April 2015 : Trampoline Trouble; Jayme went to two proms; Zoo trips; Avengers; Chey and Glens Wedding; and Spending time with Grandpa Fox ! We l

We literally had this trampoline for like a month
before this tragedy happened from a big wind storm !
Poor Trey was so sad !! Trampoline had to be thrown away.
Jayme getting ready for PROM with Bronson


Oh , and look how fun ! Ordering Senior pics :)
Jayme went with a few friends to be dates for the
special-needs prom! She said it was one of the best nights !!

Fun pic of the guys ! 

We love the zoo !

This was after a temple trip...out for ice-cream

Dalton and Jayme for Prom #2

Jay and I went to the opening of Avengers , so fun !

Our cute family
at the Manti temple for Chey and Glenn's Wedding !

Me and Kimmi
My dad and brothers

The Graf family...missing a few still  :)

My cute kids with cousins

stealing kisses

Steph and Sierra

Graf family !
We are just missing my mom and Sheri...

I love this picture of two of my sweet hubby and my Jayme !

My brother, Ryan

Happy couple !

Jay, Ben, and Bruce

Gage, Jayme, and Annie

Bruce teasing me :)

I love my two boys !

My family is my world !

Tam and Annie

The party was at Kara's house,
so fun !
Melody Olsen 

Ben and Mike

Sisters-in-law !

Visiting Jeannette's grave with family

I love us

Whenever Bruce comes up north, we meet at Jeannettes
grave and spend time together as family.
We love our family and we love being together!