Friday, September 18, 2015

May 2015 was awesome, and of course these pics reflect only a few of the memories of that busy month.

Just a random moment at work with a
couple of us court clerks.  This is Deb, she and I worked
part time together over at the prison administration 

building a little over four years ago,
at the point of the mountain. 

We worked together for a year over there.. 
It's so crazy that our worlds
 came back together again at the courthouse and we 
got to work together again. 
She is a sweet friend of mine :)

These are pics Jay took from his work party
 over at Nexsense. They had fun parties there,
they were a fun group to work with. Jay really
enjoyed working there for the year he was able
to be there.

They hung this picture up at Nexsense when
they recognized Jay as a good employee,  so I snapped a
picture of it on my phone on one of my visits to his work.
I loved to go by as often as I could to see his
workplace and be with Jay there. I've always been so proud of Jay
always !   He is such a good hard worker, and he is
well liked by staff in whatever place he has ever been at. 

We went to visit Jeannette's grave in May. 
When Jeannette passed away on Easter morning, 
my heart broke. We miss her. Jeanette took pieces 
of our hearts with her.

 She always made me and our little family feel 
so loved and special. When she and Bruce moved 
down closer to us in St George back in the day, and 
then on down to Logandale, we loved the chances we 
had to get together.  She was so excited to have us stay 
with her. She told me that she didn't want us to move 
from Southern Utah  because we wouldn't be able to 
get together so often anymore as we had done. 
We loved living closer to Bruce and Jeannette 
for all those years. And she told me that it broke her 
heart when we moved. She was such a wonderful 
mom-in-law for me. And I'm so glad I told her often 
that I loved her.

We know that she knows we are thinking 

of her and missing her. 

My sweetheart, Jay

We had the awesome experience of having
FIVE nephews out serving missions around
the world all the same time !!
We loved Monday's since we got to read all those missionary
letters! It was a great way to start the crazy busy week 

out every single week. I felt so sad to have missed 2 of those nephews homecomings at the airport. It is such a neat 
experience to be there when they return home and get to 
hug their mom and family for the first time in 2 years !!  
These boys come home like hero's !!

This is Kolby's return home from England :) 

My sweet sister Kimmi, 
was in tears and so excited !
She and I feel like we are both mom's to all our kids there since
we shared her home together for 

over 2 years.
I tried every day to be a good help to her there and to be a
good fun aunt to her kids, who I feel are kind of my kids now too.
I notice how Heavenly Father has made sure I feel I have more kids in my life, of which I have prayed so long for. He has brought them into my life just in different ways! Such a blessing!!

My cute sis-in-law with her girls! They are such a fun
family and we have grown closer to them since living
up north too now. I could easily hang out with any of these
girls and giggle. They are so hilarious. Sydna and I have
picture -taking in common ! She and I cover the floor there
at all these missionary home comings-- I love her

This picture makes me laugh!-- I was having Kim show
me her reaction to what she would be feeling when
Kolby really does walk into the room! Shaun...
obviously not aware of our picture moment together :)

Ahhh I LOVE this one!!

Dad couldn't wait to hug Kolby 
either after Mom got her hugs in 

Trey was Kolby's "little brother" when we lived at their house.
Trey was so super excited for Kolby to come home-- They
have gone fishing a couple of times already, and have
had fun spending time together ! They are buds

Kolby and Jay were so excited to be back together again too!
The nephews call Jay, "Old Man", but they all act like a bunch
of teenagers together :) Jay has always been "a big kid" with them!  They love uncle Jay like he is a hero!
Jay loves all our nieces and nephews so much !

Kolby had a strong England accent. It was awesome

Barbara, is so beautiful. She isa great sis-in-law.
Look at her being a grandma there standing by
her daughter Ashley. So fun !

My brother, Mike, is awesome
to capture video 

My cute niece Ashley

Missionary plane buddies..
saying good bye to other 

These are some more random pics 
of the kids from the month
before from Chey's wedding.  

This is a fun girls night 
in May with me and Jayme 

Mother's Day in May, I was spoiled!

And we went over to Kim's house to wish
Shaun a Happy Birthday on Mother's Day :)

Kolby had fun showing us mission pics 

The girls decided to do hair

Happy Birthday Shaun !

We love to play "Scum" !

Another fun weekend in May I was watching my nephews for a few days and we went to have fun with them at the Dinosaur Museum

I think this is a fun pic of these three looking at that dinosaur

I love this picture of Jay and some of his family, 
Family time is the best !

Jay and I took our kids to the open house for the
new Payson temple in May, it was so beautiful !

The sun was so bright out there,
it was a
really pretty day

Jayme so cute! Going to her CNA class..
getting ready to graduate in month of May !

Jayme earned her young woman's recognition
This is at Jayme's CNA graduation, so proud of my sis !

Happy to have Kim and her girls be able to be there too, 
it was such a busy time of the month and was a 
later graduation time that evening. They held it down 
in Orem, even though the school she attended for CNA 
was at the MATC at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi.

Just happy with my best friend there, and cute hubby 

We gave Jayme some nursing supplies as a gift :)

We went back to the Payson temple
open house and took some friends, then
went out to a late breakfast

This picture is of Trey and a school game that he made

These are the pretty flowers that we planted this summer.
Our awesome neighbors came over and helped us. 

too funny, my silly hubby

Kolby's mission home coming talk, lunch afterward
 with family and friends.

Shaun's sister, Natasha, and her kids. She is also
 a high school friend of mine.

Cute sister, Sheri, and her
daughter, Raquel

My handsome little bro, Nate, and his
beautiful wife, Alisha

Kim and Shaun did
such a great job
hosting us all 

My bothers, Curt and Ry !

Sis- in - laws ! xoxo

sis-in-laws !


Jay having fun with our
nieces & nephews

Memorial Day with family 

Uncle Frank and Uncle Terry Mills


Beautiful girls

I love this picture

Jay with his siblings

With Bruce 

Jim & Amy's Family

Mike & Tammy's Family

Bruce with Adam & Annie's Family

Jay & Lisa's Family

Representing the "Fox" &"Mills" sides of the family

My sis-in-law , Tam, talking
with Uncle Terry

My brother-in-laws, Mike
and Adam

We love and miss her

My sis and bro in law !
Love Kyle & Carrie!

We met up with more family on Jeannett'e
side (Wood) as we visited Grandma Wood's Grave

Jayme and Grandpa Wood

Jayme and me

We went over and visited Bruce's dad's grave,
Grandpa Fox

My 2 cute sis-in- laws

My beautiful sis-in-law, Amy, with
Grandma Darleen

The sun was beating down on these cousins

We went over to Jay and my house
for a family BBQ, fun!

We love this family !
Trey so excited to be
graduating 7th grade and
ready for 8th grade !!
Holding his yearbook outside
of Jay's work at Nexsense :)

School getting ready to end...this is
one of Jayme's favorite teachers !
They got to be really great friends !
Senior year!
Kassy was a doll and took the graduation pictures for us!

Jayme's senior pic

Some random school pics 

Graduation class of 2015

Lagoon with friends

Jayme with her best friend, Taylor
Jayme's graduation !!

So exciting to be celebrating our first child's
high school graduation !
 We love that girl !

Jayme's aunt Sydna and uncle Curt !

Jayme's name being announced !!

This is Jayme's best friend, Taylor walking down her row to come sit down after getting her diploma!!

We love our Jayme and are so excited for her for this
special day !

Jayme and I took a girls-trip
to St George to celebrate
her graduation from
high school 
Jayme's cousins 
over at Kim's house gave her 
her nick-name 
as "minnie" so she 
was excited to find 
this cute bag!

It was a beautiful sunny day.
Jayme and I had such a fun

 time together !

Fun to come see the temple.
Jay and I ate lunch here on the
temple grounds every single
day when we lived here before
moving up north. This was the half-way
 between both of our work places.
We loved lunch dates here every day !
Miss those days :)

Jayme is a sweetheart, and I love her!
It will be fun to watch what her choices are with
school, career, marriage, and family !

umm. yes, we get snakes
out by our house !
eeek !

Jay was mowing the lawn out back and almost
 mowed over this one right there !
blaaaah !