Friday, October 30, 2015

July 2015

Jay's dad came up and spent the 4th of July with us
this year, we loved having him hanging out with us in 
Cedar with my family !
A bunch of my nieces with my sis-in-law, Donna...
and Kolbs and Trey there in the back too!

Kim and I grabbing a pic with dad...
Love my dad, he's always up for spontaneous fun !

My brothers, Nate & Ry

My sister, Steph, with her boyfriend

Kass and Bruce !! 

And me with one of my best friend's
from highschool, Kirsten. 

We like to eat at Pizza Factory after the parade
July 4th, we also had fun fishing in Cedar at the 

Fishing at Cedar beach..
these kids were making us laugh so hard with their
 fishing skills !! haha

I couldn't help snapping a pic of my handsome honey.
I was excited thinking that his birthday was coming up in only
a couple of days !! So happy to be planning our fun
celebrating of him :)

Fireworks with the cousins !

That very night (Sunday, July 5th) that we got home from our Cedar City 4th of July celebrations, we had another fun 4th of July family party up in northern Utah at my brother (Curt's) house! 
We drove straight there and ready to party !




and...then the competitions began ! Walking the rope line...


Jay and Kevin being silly trying to give me their "cool" look


Jay and my turn
to pull faces !
Oh, I took the picture too late
to catch Jay in action on the rope.

My brother, Mike with Barbara !
We loved finding the cousins all up at the school hanging 
out by the end of the evening..they all love each other so much !

On July 6th, my hubby turned 42 !
We had fun celebrating with him that day.
My sibling's families who live up by us came over 
to help eat ice cream and cake ! :)


Jumping in to get a quick birthday picture with my sweetheart

Niece (Macy) helping Jay blow out candles :)
Sis-in-law (Sydna) and sister (Kim)

Jay with brothers (Curt and Mike),
and sis-in-law (Barbara).
Our nephew (Christian) and Niece (Kass)

Trey with cousin, Rachel
More fun nephews and niece upstairs watching a movie




So great for family members to come 
and party with Jay !
Life got really crazy in July just after Jay's birthday.  
It seemed that every aspect of life was closing in ... 
from work with learning a new job for Jay at 
the beginning of July (so thankful for that job though!!!...
Jay had bee out of work for a month and we were 
praying for something to come)...and my job had a huge 
change in how we do everything on a daily basis 
(this included lots and lots of meetings on top of 
regular work days) callings had some 
bigger challenges also during that time....
and our family life, too, was crazy. 

After some chaos..Jay and I decided to make sure 
to continue to do our usual life-things such as 
spend lots of time together to keep our focus ... 
and spend time with the kids too. 
We also were making sure that we were all on the same 
page spiritually to keep patience, love, and focus 
in our daily life while praying for things to calm down.
"This too shall pass" is (and has always been) a 
motto for me in my life, and it (along with tons of  
prayer and scripture study) has always got 
me through the toughest-stuff. 

Jay and I took the kids to the Zoo with us the 
week after Jay's birthday.  
Jayme liked snapping pics of us ;)


We got to go see Jay's work place for the first time that 
weekend. So thankful for this good job. 
Jay is so happy about this job and loves it.


Trey having fun up with cousins at a duck pond.
He had a couple of different summer mini-vacations to cousin's
houses and also down to Grandpa Fox's house. 

Jay and I one evening on our way out

A warm July evening out doing a bit of yard work.
We stopped to catch the sunset with the camera
as it lit up the sky all of a sudden.
crazy pretty sunsets out at our house each night



Kim's family invited us over
to her place one evening. They have a fun
new fire pit for their patio
that we were able to enjoy with them.

This girl...I can't get enough !  She makes me smile :)
We lived with the Nielsons starting out when this little girl
was only a few months old...and then for a couple of years.
Love our Macy.
We always have found fun family things to do on pretty much every weekend throughout all the years with our kids. 

This excursion on that particular weekend in July was a 
hike to the waterfall in Pleasant Grove.

Jayme doesn't let us capture her on camera so she is not shown much....dang girl ! :)




The waterfall was so neat !

I was getting more splashed than I expected as I crossed !


We loved this hike and will 
definitely go there again.

Jay's cousin, Devin, throws an amazing firework show in July 
 every year that is such a fun party for all of us. 
Here is me and my sis-in-law Amy ! :)

Me with these pretty sis-in-laws, Amy & Tam

Jay and cousin, Devin Mills
Jay and his brother (Jim) with uncles Frank & Terry Mills.

Tam with cousin, Natalie

Jay & I with our niece, Cecily






Jayme sitting by cousin, Gage, and also by her date who
 one of her best friend's, Dalton.

Trey and Rylund love
hanging out together!

...and THIS is the wreckage from the firework show!!!!
Looking forward to next year's show with the Mills !!

I am exactly 20 days younger than Jay, soooo
at the end of July, it's time for my birthday !  ;)
Jay and the kids took me to dinner the night before.


Also, made me a yummy birthday cake on my yummy...and those candles are suppose to say "42" ha !


 Jay cooked me a birthday dinner...BBQ fish, sooo good !


The picture is sideways...but Jayme bought me these awesome 
black shoes...and bought her some orange ones !


Then, the next night, my siblings and their families 
came over to celebrate my birthday with me :)

I love him.

July was a really hard month, so it was good to
have family around a bit extra that month.
Jay's family was in touch also more during that time, and it
helped too. We love our families on both sides and appreciate so much the support that we know family can give to one another by especially just having fun together and feeling everyone's love for one another. There's nothing more important than family.
Thank heaven for the the Gospel of Jesus Christ that 
through the sealing power available to us, our family 
can be together forever ! 
I have always loved to toss the football.
Jay is fun!... we were at the park together and he snapped a couple of pics of us throwing the ball. He has always liked that I can
throw a spiral :) 

Jay catching the pretty sunset sky behind us

Selfie with the sun setting...but you can't see it in the pic after all 


I got him for a pic too

He's still too cute...

We are slowly getting area by area done on our
outside yard. This was a good project of rocks that we filled in 
on the side of our house.

Trey is so fun and he loves animals! He wants a dog too...
but I havn't agreed to that as of yet... :) 
This is Grandma Fox's (Jeannette) cat, and our cat would be jealous since Trey is our cat's best friend !
This is at our neighbors backyard. 
Just smores with friends one late night in July.


Another weekend in July we went bowling with the kids.
Each weekend we always find something fun but it
has been a while since we went bowling. 
We were prepared to have some serious games..but also 
some silly games of competition...made us laugh at 
each other so much! 




Jayme  and Trey !

We bowled one game normal. 
Then the second game we picked paper-slips out of a bag with of weird bowling strategies..we laughed so hard at each other doing these funny bowling strategies!

granny -bowl

backwards granny-bowl


In July, Jay's friend came to town, we went to dinner.

I saw this picture at grandpa's house when we 
stopped by for a visit.  I love it. It was taken at Jayme's 
birthday dinner from March 9th. That's the last gathering 
that we took pics with Jeannette. She was in the hospital 
only a couple of days later and then passed within a few 
weeks. We spend an evening with Jeannette up at 
Tammy's house only a couple of days before 
she passed away. 

We have regretted not taking pics with her that night. 
But, the details of that last night with her is so clear 
in our memory still. Jay laid right next to her on the 
bed in the guest room that she was resting in. He laid 
there next to her for over an hour as she snuggled up to 
him and called him her "baby" still. She was teasing Trey 
who was in the room and telling him that Jay was her "baby". 
It was making trey laugh. Jay laid there by his mom and 
we talked and talked. She was so frail as I hugged her and 
she was looking so weak still from being so sick. 
She had only been out of the hospital a very short time. 
She told me of how much she loved me and Jay and our 
family, and how much she truly felt loved by her family. She was seriously glowing with happiness as she said these things. She was feeling a deep peace and joy about it.  She said she
was so grateful to be feeling so much love and being able 
to share time with us talking that night. She was all dressed up, even though it was late. She was always so beautiful and 
loved to have her makeup on, hair done, and earrings in. 
She spent a specific moment telling Jay which pair of 
earrings she was wanting to be buried in. Jay felt that that 
was an interesting comment..and he told her that they would make sure of it but that she was going to get better. 
So, those are the earrings she was buried 
in those few days after that night. 

Now, we look back at that night of Jayme's birthday where 
we got to take several last pics with her....and this one was just
 a fun one from my niece's camera that we gave to Grandpa 
that evening there at the restaurant table. 
Grandpa took it home and put it in a special spot.
He is missing Jeannette so much too. 

We love her and are so sad that she isn't here with us any longer.
 But, thankfully, we do feel her presence around us often.  
Thank heavens for forever-families !!

We love Grandpa !

We have made sure to BBQ lots this
summer again !
Jay is the king at this !

We had fun celebrating my niece, Brooklyn's b-day in July !


July was over so fast, I couldn't believe it. And we were well into August before I knew it too.
Crazy how fast the days can seem to fly by.

I look forward to next Summer and enjoying it a lot better. I will make sure to get some more sunshine too! I really enjoyed being out in the sun this past summer. With working full-time, I don't see the sunshine as much as I would like. But, this summer I made sure to get outside more, it was good and I miss it already- since school was back in session as August came and summer days are passed us now.