Sunday, October 25, 2015

The summer was feeling official when June came ! Here's a tiny bit of our going-on's in June 2015 :)

In June, we had a great time
celebrating with Amer, Jay's
 cousin, at her wedding
reception up at
"This Is The Place" in SLC
The happy couple !


A couple of Jay's cousins
Visiting with these cute girls (2 sister in laws and nieces)
Tom & Tam...the parent to the bride :)
We couldn't be more happy for them both!

After the reception, Adam's family joined us to go across the
street to spend some time at the zoo.


This was a pretty pic that the kids took of the
lightening-rain storm coming in
I found this pic from a few months ago, cousins !

In June we had a fun FHE outing to the duck-pond-park

We love to be together. This is one of our favorite parks to
go and visit. We've been several times since we moved up north.


Trey's scout camp out in June

I love both my boys !

Jay was serving as one of the scout leaders in our ward.
Trey loved to have his dad there
with him at Young Mens each week, and on
camp-outs each month !

Trey with one of his best-friends, Cory

Kolby took Jayme & Trey fishing a few times in June
Kolby's friend
Both my kids have always loved to fish
and will go any chance they get!

Our family has been able to
go down to Nevada and spend a few different weekends
 with Jay's dad. We love our times we stay there.
So happy we could spend time with Bruce.


Working that moment to swat the 
bee's away in the pool ! ha

Jay loves to get in 
when we go to visit.

It's a fun tradition to meet in Mesquite after the boys get done
golfing and eat at the Buffet together

I've always been crazy about this boy.
So fun to spend a spontaneous weekend in Nevada with our fam.
We took the kids to see a movie in Mesquite
Cream toast is also a tradition when we
stay with jay's parents. Bruce has learned how to
make this famous breakfast dish now :)
It was Father's Day weekend also, so
we were happy to be there with Jay's dad.
We love him so much ! We are video-chatting with
Tammy's family there that morning.

For Lunch we had BBQ hamburgers...yum! 

We stopped on Father's Day up in Cedar to wish my dad
a happy Father's Day and tell him we love him !
My mom was post-op from Surgery and we were so
glad she was awake and we could be able to visit her and
give her of our love too !

I love to listen to my dad as he
shares gospel insights with me.
He has always been a fun study-companion !

My sister, Sheri, came over and we got to visit with
her too !

In June, we met at Jeannette's grave and enjoyed family time
together there. Bruce always brings Jeannette a dozen roses.
It's tradition, since the first date he went on with her he
brought her a dozen roses.

In June, we welcomed home Elder Brandon Graf from Russia !
Me with my sis-in-law Sydna !

Mom gets the first hug!!

My brother and sis-in-law so happy to have
 their son home !

We are going to miss his weekly letters!!
But we are so happy to have him back home safe and sound !

Taking their missionary home
Looks like some silly nieces of mine got a hold of my phone !
I cracked up finding these pics !

June also brought parades into town !
This is the Lehi City parade :)
This is my little brother Nate, and his cute family 
that came up to stay!

Lehi has 2 parades...a night parade..and the very 
next morning parade. this is the morning one. 
My niece, Haley, was cheering in the parade. 
Megan decided not to do cheer leading this year, so it was 
only Haley there to see in the parade this year. 

My sis, Kim, and me !
Me with sissy

We live only a few minutes from the lake !

Trey and his cousin, Rylund fishing one Saturday :)

We LOVED having Rylund stay with us for a
fun summer vacation ! They went to the soccer game in SLC and
got to be in a suite with my brother in law, Shaun and Jay :)
Brandon's homecoming on a Sunday in June
Jay and Kolby being silly with Russian hats !  

Jayme with the returned missionary, Elder Graf.

We are going to MISS his letters home !
BUT, we are so happy HE is home ..and safe & sound!
These four nephews were all out on missions at the same time..Three Elder Graf's  and one Elder Nielson !
Trey took this pic of the moon through his
telescope one night in June.
After this, we got his telescope out a few more
times in the summer .

Another fun fishing trip in June !

Jayme's friends are all
 going on missions
this summer...his is Matt at his farewell.  

Jayme also with her best friend from highschool, Taylor.
We went to visit Bruce again in Nevada at the end of June :)

I love this swimming pool down there.
Working in an office all day, I don't see much sun...sooo..
I made a point to try and get my summer tan based off
of our 3 visits to Nevada this summer !!

Nothing like the Nevada heat ! The water felt great !
My honey is super cute too :)

That wraps up a small summary of some of 
 the things that we enjoyed in June 2015 !!