Wednesday, November 11, 2015

August 2015 was full of outings for Jay, I, and the kids...and also with extended family ! We enjoyed the sunshine so much that month as well as spending a lot of time together !

In August, Jay's work sent us all to Lagoon !

Did I mention that we LOVE Jay's new job ?! 
They are so good at taking care of their 
employees and their families.

They fed us such a good dinner that night 

Trey thinks it's cool to not smile in pics...what is it with the
teenage years?? haha

Winning prizes

So cool to win an Incredible Hulk prize !

Jay and I celebrated our 20th year Wedding Anniversary
in August 2015 .  We always go and celebrate in a fun 
big way for our anniversary each year so we really look 
forward to this time away for the two of us together! 

This year was even better though because we celebrated 
for days literally..since our anniversary fell in the middle 
of the week and we couldn't get away until the weekend! 

So, August 18th was on a Wednesday...Jay planned
a full night of celebrating. 
He took us to eat at the
River bottoms Tuscanos ,then 
mini-golfing, and out 
for ice-cream!  Then gifts back at home... the flowers 
that I love as well as a new dress that he 
picked out for me.
Yep...I told Jay a long time ago that I want 
him to pick out all my dresses...he has taken 
me up on it..and has been doing a fantastic job! 
It's so fun to have him surprise me 
at different times of celebration with a new dress that 
he wants to see me in. So far, they have been my 
favorite dresses! He is good at this!! 

There were other gifts too, he is 
such a sweetheart.Then that weekend, we were 
able to leave town for the weekend and enjoy 
a quiet time at Bear Lake at Jay's Uncle's cabin. 
Such a relaxing time for us !!

On our way out of town to Bear Lake for the weekend,
we passed this gorgeous temple in Logan, UT

Uncle Alan's cabin is seriously HEAVEN !! 

Too much fun and so relaxing!!
We have always loved to be together and this fit the 
occasion quite perfectly :)

So fun to go and spend time alone 
as best friends and cute little 20-year old married folk! 

Our story started close to 21 years ago. 
I was set up on a blind date with one of Jay's 
best friend's, Kyle. Kyle & I dated a couple of times 
and then I met Jay! I got brave and told Jay I 
was interested in him and not so much in 
his friend.. although super nice as his friend was!
I just had a strong feeling when I met Jay. 
It has never left me.

After I told Jay that I was interested in him...
he took me on our first date that very 
weekend up in Layton :) I was blown away at 
all he went out to for our first date: fancy 
dinner at Dudley's restaurant, a hypnotist show 
where practically lost my voice from laughing 
so hard through it, and Jay and I held hands there 
during the show for the first time and kept smiling 
and looking at each other.  Then after the show, 
he took me back to his house and we watched a movie. 
Jay kissed me that night for the first time and 
we havn't stopped kissing since :)  
We hit it off to say the least!! 

Within that first couple of weeks, we decided to 
be exclusive to one another, and I was telling 
the guys that I had been dating that I was no longer 
dating anyone but Jay. Shortly after our first date, 
we were alone at Jay's home and talking very was there that moment we decided we 
wanted to get married ...We were SO excited and 
couldn't stop smiling! 

We were driving up to Bear Lake that evening 
to join his family and we couldn't wait to tell them 
of our plans They were all so happy for us!!
We spent the night up there with his family at 
the cabin. Everything fit. Our lives were blending 
and there was only peace. I have never stopped 
feeling those feelings of peace being with Jay. 
It has been a confirmation to me of our union.
I never felt peace with any of the other guys that I dated 
and who asked me if I would marry them.
 So, I have appreciated the peace that I have felt and 
continue to feel with Jay and I.

Jay surprised me and made our engagement official 
a few weeks after we decided to get married, he 
bought a beautiful sparkly diamond ring and with 
his mom and sister's help got things ready to be 
able to propose to me at my home!!
He was shaking, he was so nervous and excited! 
He made my dreams come true asking me to be his...
now and forever!!! My family was more than thrilled!!  
My mom couldn't stop smiling 
and taking pictures of us !

We have had so much fun becoming best friends 
over all these years, becoming parents together 
by bringing our children into this world and 
raising them, taking care of them

We have made family memories by vacationing 
with the kids over the years - and also vacationing 
just with us as a couple.  

We have worked hard through finishing college 
at the same time in our marriage and walking 
at graduation together. 

We have had years together of working at places of 
employment together, and enjoying supporting each other 
in our places of work. 

We have spent hours up on end through the 
years taking care of each other in sickness..
and in healthy times too. 

We have enjoyed making so many memories 
together as we enjoy our world. 

We have also taken turns holding on to 
each other tight when going through really dark 
hard struggling times.  And, we've had highs in 
life...also with spiritual experiences too. 

We have been there for each other by 
catching each other when one of us starts to 
fall by getting distracted and lost in life. 
We've pulled us back to where we belong,
together,gathering our focus once again, getting 
rid of those worldly distractions, influences, 
and people that would try to compete to 
steel our focus, time, and attention 
away from what is right and true.

We are the happiest when we are together 
and when we have our Heavenly Father in the mix! 

We know that living the gospel plan that 
Heavenly Father has provided for us is the only 
way to have the happiest life, the most 
amazing marriage, and will eventually bring us
 to our exaltation to live the kind of life that God 
himself lives ...with our sweetheart and 
our families forever !!  We are looking forward 
for our life-time and eternity ahead! 

We are each other's partner, 
best friend, and sweetheart !

We hadn't been back to Bear Lake since that

 night that we decided to get married over 20 years ago. 
We talked about how it meant so much to us to 
be back there again celebrating that we have 
chosen one another to walk this 
crazy walk-of-life TOGETHER !!!    :)

Our 20th year Wedding Anniversary at Bear Lake 

was truly HEAVEN for us 

What a beautiful Cabin !

Fun family pics up there.
This is Bruce, My father-in-law, 

when he was a little boy :)

Saw the mama and her babies a few times
right next to the cabin. 

They were lying under the deck.

Ok...seriously...these shakes 
are HEAVEN!!
 We loved them !!

Totally taking "selfies" for our
entertainment while waiting in
the longest line for those
amazing raspberry shakes !

Soaking in some sun !
We enjoyed the lake on such a sunny warm day :)

We wished we had 2 more days to stay there...we weren't
ready to leave just yet !!!

August also brought a swim party with 
family at Derrik and Shawna's house !

The jump together !

Me with my sis-in-law, Annie ! ..
and our cute nieces !

Doing another jump !

Adam and Annie !

Mike and Tam !
Love this pic of these love birds !

We can't wait until next summer's family swim party !!