Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SEPTEMBER 2015 ...MAN...the days are flying !! :)

September brought some good vacationing at our family 
home in Nevada with Bruce !!

Jayme snapping pics of us while
we try and get some tanning in. 

These two were entertaining us the whole time
with all their pool tricks (which is on video, lol!)

Bruce going for a swim
Nothin' like the Nevada sunshine...
and some fun pool time with my fam !!

caught Jay looking at me while I sun-tanned

LOVED the BYU game
that weekend !
Was a miracle win again!!

also loved relaxing so well that weekend !

Trey termed this "in the the pool", lol

My cute hubby

We always love our time spent together at Jay's parent's home

Oh my gosh...I was in heaven when Jayme
brought this ice cream out to the pool

I kept slipping trying to get up on this
raft ... Jay to the rescue...well sort of...he kept
just kissing my knees ! haha

We drove out to the lake to feed the fish some
bread crumbs, like we had done a few years before
with the kids, but were shocked to find a "ghost town"
literally  there in place of lake water! It was all
dried up and sandy. The store was all vandalized too!

Was still a fun spooky adventure !!

Bruce and his back-door neighbor :)

Jay with his dad :)
Just some silly fun one late night grocery shopping
and Jay and Trey deciding to make me laugh
while riding the motorized cart around the store!

My two boys are always making life silly for us !


ok....I couldn't pass up the spontaneous fun either !  lol

Trey entered an art contest that Jay's work was putting on...
HE WON !! It was so much fun for Trey to enter and
also hard for him to be patient the weeks in waiting for
the results to come back.
He won a $50 gift certificate to Target, he can't wait to
go spend it!

Speaking of Jay's work...They totally hooked us up!!
They had a convention up at Part City and invited spouses !
They paid for rooms and food. It was so awesome !
Check out our room, we were completely relaxed and had the
best time that weekend !

This was at the Chateau Lodge in Deer Valley.
That bed.... Oh. My. Gosh. The whole thing was feather. Pillows too. I didn't want to go home to our own bed after that bed.
It was so comfy!!
Jay was so all his breaks, he came up to our room and
visited me !! ...and brought me treats from their breaks!!
Each break, they had tons of different treats, they were spoiled!

We turned on the fireplace that evening, so fun!!

The dinner that night was very fancy ! and yummy !

They handed out
envelopes to all
the spouses that
were there that night
at the dinner with a
monetary thank you
for supporting
our spouses with
their hard work for
the company :)  !!

Friday was all meetings for Jay, so I hung out and
totally relaxed!  But, Saturday, the conference was over
and it was just a day for fun for Jay and I to do whatever
we wanted in Park City. We had a heavenly breakfast at the lodge, went strolling the shops, and
had a fun pizza-themed lunch, then just enjoyed the
sunshine as we decided to be spontaneous!
I always love to go to as many art galleries as we can find
 in part city! We love and wish we could buy a piece or two
sometime for our home..they are really beautiful !!

Love him as my cowboy too !
Still have some Southern Utah in me :)

I want this hat for my
closet !! Love it !

The fall leaves were absolutely perfect still up there !

Beautiful day with my beautiful man

Anytime we go up to Park City, we always love catching these ski professionals in practice

We hung around all day and then
headed back home all refreshed and looking forward
to another get-away soon :)
We love that Jay's work does these amazing things for
the people in their company. This Park City convention will
be so fun again next year also !

Jay hanging some fun HULK pics in our upstairs TV family room

It was time to go up to our traditional yearly spot to see
the beautiful fall leaves...Cascade Springs !!
This time, we were kid-less though. Both kids were doing
other things and Jay and I were happy to spontaneously
go ourselves and enjoy the afternoon ! 

Jay snapped lots of pics up there.
The day was perfect weather too !
This is going to be a picture-overload...the day was too pretty!!

We love the boardwalks up there

This was one of our September Family Home Evening's :)
We love to do Smores in the summer.
We also took Trey's telescope with us to see the moon out there...
that was soooo cool !!

Looking at the pretty full-moon out that night

The kids are staying super busy...
Jayme working full time since she
graduated High School.

The kids driving ME around town these in the
backseat...sooooo wierd!! but the kids seem to not think
it's wierd at all.  The circle of life I guess ! :) haha

Off to school, we love him !

The views are seriously AMAZING each morning on my way to
work. I take it all in too.
I snapped this pic quick as I turned a corner . We live in
such a beautiful world !

A girls-night in September...these are my awesome friends out here in my neighborhood !  Started out as Presidency members, and turned in to great friends !  We no longer serve together, but
we make sure to keep up our girls-nights :)

I was across the street borrowing butter from the neighbors house
on this particular evening, and turned around and just fell in love
with our home all over again. Life is good to us:)

My honey cooking us dinner that night !  love him much !!

Trey loved throwing the football with me or Jay (whichever was
outside each night...or both!) lots this summer. This is his
friend with him also that night trying to catch some passes
from Jay :) 

He just realized I was snapping pics...  :)

My dad sooo excited to be a part of the ground-breaking
in Cedar City for the new temple getting built there !!!

Here he is with the mayor.

September went by like a flash...just like all the other months did...and do...but I was so glad to have caught a few memories
on my phone camera !  Thank heaven for pictures, to remind us of what we love most in our busy days...EACH OTHER..FAMILY...and to be GRATEFUL for our BLESSINGS!!