Saturday, December 5, 2015

October 2015 was a busy and great month with our Family

My brother, Brian, took Jay, Trey, and I to the BYU
game with him in October!  We had so much fun, but
we were missing Sharla so much !! Her health fighting cancer 

didn't allow her to come out to public events yet. Still keeping 
her in our every prayer! We were taking pics and texting 
her from the game. She was so fun to visit with through 
Brian's phone !

Trey and I took a pic as the rain started to sprinkle above us

BYU came back in the 4th quarter and it was so fun
to cheer them on from the stands !
Jay snapping a pic of us ! x0x0

Grabbing a yummy hot dog and nachos at a quick break. 
The dinner there was
amazing, we stuffed ourselves full !!

The energy at the games with the other fans is always so
contagious and it's fun to be a part of it !

It was so great to spend that evening with my brother Brian !
He is awesome !
Bri taking a group shot to send to Sharla :)

The treats under all our
seats are yummy

Our nephew, Brandon and his girlfriend, came to say hi in 
the isle.  They are such a cute couple !

Grabbing popcorn and treats at another break
Ice cream was delivered to us as we sat and watched the game.
BYU ice cream is the are Brian's seats !
The rain sprinkled on us for a few minutes also. 

We loved watching the student section...they were crazy fun  
After the game was over we walked down close to the field
and got to see some of the BYU players up close. 

It was a late night game, and we were so happy to have
been there and part of the crowd cheering on our team !

October also brought General Conference !!
We have never ever been to the general conference in 

the conference building for a session in person before.

Jay and I went to a Saturday session with Trey... and
also to a Sunday session with Jayme, so were happy to 

have gotten tickets twice and be able to take both our kids. 
We kept talking of how awesome it was to be there in 
the conference center with the prophet and apostles.
The spirit was wonderful !

Jay , Jayme, and I all took our notebooks and wrote down
the things we liked from each talk, as well as impressions 

we had.On the way home from the conference, 
Jay asked us to read through his notes...Jayme read them 
out loud as Jay drove.
We were excited to discover that we had all written 
down very similar notes of what stood out to us and 
what impressions we all had!

We love our little family so much and
were excited we got to make a memory from going 

to this conference together!

I love my man, he is wonderful
and is doing his best to become the best he can be! 

It blesses all our lives so much to have such a dedicated 
good husband and father as Jay has worked so hard to be!

We were up so early to drive
and get to the conference.
We were so sleepy still as we 

got into the conference building 
bright and early,
but took quick pictures before
it started ! 

What a cool experience that was, we will definitely
plan to attend another live session of conference again !!
As we left, we snapped a quick pic of the front of the 
building.Wish we could have captured the large number 
of crowds there..
it was so packed !  There were several who never got 

inside the building for the meeting even. 

My little boy is growing up, only a couple more
years and I bet he will be taller than me :)
He is such a handsome and awesome kid, 

Jay and I love him so much !

We were so happy that we got such a beautiful day,
we didn't even need jackets. The sun was so warm.
I love this man. 
After the conference, we went out to eat at Training Table !!
Jay always teases me because I like the training table even 
over some other really yummy restaurants ! haha
 I couldn't help but keep noticing my handsome boys and 

their blue eyes !! Jay took a pic close-up for me , lol !

Jay put these pics together, he is so cute !
Sunday morning, we went to the early session , this 
time with Jayme !! :)

Jayme taking our picture as we stood in line with
the busy crowds !

We got another very pretty day to be outside !!
I love this dress too, it's another one that Jay
has bought for me a while ago and surprised 

me with. He is such a good dress-picker-out-er !! 
Our Jayme is super cute, and it's rare when she 
will let us take her picture, so I was happy 
she allowed it this time! :)

Totally quick selfie of us just before the session started !
Pretty day...  taking pics after the conference.
We loved being there again...

and this time with our Jayme !
We saw this cute marriage proposal while we were 
there, the crowd cheered really loud, it was awesome !

Jay was taking pics of me.
The place was packed, so busy!
What a pretty weekend of conference !

Jayme surprised our family and made dinner 
one night in October, it was so yummy, 
what a great girl she is !

Trey loves to shoot his BB gun,
we took him out for target practice. 

Jay looks like a professional here

October also brings around
 one of our favorite times
of year....Halloween !
We always have fun trying 

on costumes !




Jay made yummy omlets for dinner one night...
These were seriously heavenly !!

Date at the zoo...
We love Hogle Zoo and it has
been a place we have always enjoyed and taken our kids several time through the past 15 years !

Sometimes Jay and I just go alone though :)

Their tails were entangled...
like how we hold hands!
So cute !!

Another thing that same day was the Pumpkin Regatta !

Kyle, Jay's brother was dressed up as Johnny Apple Seed

Jay entering one of the pumpkin boat races ! haha

Carrie and I sitting front row cheering on Jay as he raced !!

Kyle cheering on everyone also !

We laughed and cheered ! That was so funny !
Those pumpkins can tip over easy too...Jay thought he
might be going in the water a few time !

Kyle joined in on the next race !

It's tradition for us to go support Kyle and Carrie at
the Pumpkin Regatta..this year we didn't take the kids with
us, next year we will bring them along again..
it's such a fun activity !
Just talking to my cutie at lunch time and 
loved this quick lunch time pic.

Jay and I have been very lucky throughout our entire 

marriage to be able to talk every single day during
 our lunch hour. Even some years, we were able to 

eat lunch every single day together. And on some other 
years we actually have worked at the 
same place together! So we have always been 
able to see a lot of each other every single day 
or the past 20 years ! We have always loved to 
be able to be together half way though our day ...
even if it's just by talking on the phone during 
our hour of lunch.We have felt very lucky and looked 
so forward to this time together each day :)
Another fun tradition our family loves to do in October is
the Pumpkin Drop over at Hee Haw Farms !

At the Pumpkin Drop, Jay found his babysitter from years past !

With Tammy and Carrie also !
Curt and Sydna came too!
This was their first year 

there..We loved having 
them come !

It was such a great day! We have had lots of sunshine
this October and it's been nice for our outdoor activities we
have attended. Look how cute Mike and Tam are !
It was fun to be there again this year.
I have really wonderful sister-in-laws! I love Tammy.
Carrie was there too, she was so busy running around
helping her honey out.. October is one of their busiest 

months! It was fun to watch Kyle and Carrie hustling 
around that day. 
Trey and Rachel over at the baby animals

I loved sitting next to Curt and Sydna! These two 
are awesome! I know they had a great time too :)

I love this pic that Tam took
Jayme came a bit later with
some fun friends 

After the Pumpkin Drop, we stopped by Jeannette's grave. 
We miss her so much !

The week before Haloween, the kids got their
pumpkins decorated and out on the front porch

One of my Relief Society visit nights, my presidency decorated
pumpkins at my home and we delivered them to the sisters
that we were visiting that night. We did this last year too,
it is a fun tradition for us! The sisters love getting their pumpkins!
This has been my favorite calling. I have loved being 
Relief Society president this time around. 
For some reason, 
it has been such a smooth, peaceful, happy, 
fun calling. 
I have loved all the sisters I have served with. Our neighborhood has been growing a ton these past few 
years so our ward has split a couple of times and even our 
stake just recently split. I have had 3 secretaries, 2 first 
counselors, and 2 second counselors!
We have had around 40 women have babies in the 

past 1 1/2 years, a couple of funerals, and lots of 
surgeries. There have been several of our neighbors 
who have lost jobs, gone through really tough family 
struggles, and sickness. Even pneumonia hit our 
neighborhoods last year and I was  one who was sick 
too with it. I have been so impressed 
with the service that has is continually going on in these 
home to help encourage these families in lots of times of 
difficulty. And I have been so blessed to have had the 
opportunity to serve with some of the strongest, 
most self-less, genuine loving women I have
ever met in my life. They have made my calling too easy!...
and they have made me a better person by just knowing 

and hanging out with them! Jay and I feel so lucky to live 
where we do and be around such awesome people!

Nope, not a homeless man....this is my hubby dressed up for
Halloween at his work that day! AND...he was one of the
costume WINNERS and got a prize !!

I loved the pics of his work party that he sent me during that day !
Trey is outside most days jumping on our neighbors
trampoline! He loves the trampoline,
and he's really good at flips and tricks!
Jayme is dressed up for her work Halloween party.
You can't tell, since she just looks really cute,
but she is a vampire !
Check these out...these are so fun!..Jayme made these
for her Halloween work party that same day....they are
brain-cupcakes...which is perfect since she works at the
Hospital...and SHE WON a prize for these cupcakes !
Still our looking for a costume
with Trey just before
Halloween night...
Jay and I aren't much help
for Trey since we just
like to be spontaneous and
try on costumes and take
funny pics along the way !
The kids are use to our
childish behavior each
year in the costume stores, haha

Halloween night!
Trey's friends met at our home
for the boys to head out
for Trick-Or-Treating !
Trey is a magician.
His friend is a rubix cube.

Jayme's Mermaid costume !

Another fun evening activity that we have done a lot
in October is tossing the football.
We have gone outside several times, or to the park, and
tossed the ball. Here is Jay playing with Trey and his friend.

Trey had fun helping decorate our
house and front porch for Halloween
We had a hard time taking
down his fun display :)