Thursday, April 14, 2016

December 2015 !

We decorated our tree early so that we could enjoy
it as long as possible this year! We  put it up right

before Thanksgiving. The rest of the house had to
wait for decorating, unfortunately, as the month
grew too busy for us.

Jayme, one night during family home evening,

asked why we decorate with "lights" during the Christmas
season.We explained that Christ is the light of the
world and so we decorate with lights to remember him.
And that we should follow his example he left for us to also be "lights" in the world. 

This is our tree at work. It was a cute little thing
and it was fun to have it up during the month. It was a
service tree. We picked little cards off of it and bought
presents for the child that was listed. These were kids in
need in the community.

Jay's job is new for our family this year. And we
love that he works there! He started on the
day of his birthday July 2015. We had been out of work

for Jay for just over a month and were really worried.
This job came as a massive blessing. Jay had gone
through 4 jobs in the past 3 years and it was discouraging
for him to say the least. This blessing came and we are
grateful for it everyday.

 We have been having fun
as a couple attending the nice parties (like the one

they put on at Christmas time in these pictures), as well as
 the weekend to Park City that they send employees and
their spouses to each year, and also the fun family outing
they send us to each summer to Lagoon. We are so grateful
for the job alone...and extra grateful for the perks that come
with it.They are a wonderful company and Jay is such a
good employee for them there. I, and the kids, are more
than proud of Jay and his hard work to
provide for our family.

My work does a great party each year
 for Christmas time too. This is our probation officer i
my office, who plays "Santa" each year.  
He is the real-deal too!

He asked me what I wanted for Christmas,
I told him I wanted my mortgage paid off! 

Aww! This is Allison (and Mike, in the pic below with Jay!)
They are good friends of ours from our Southern Utah days!
They moved up North just before we did. We like to find
a day here and there spontaneously to double-date with them.
They are genuine good people! Love them!

Ok...seriously...we live in the BEST neighborhood!
They do cool personalized things like this.

Santa drives down our street on a fire truck one
specific Saturday morning ...he comes around our
street like a couple of times...and throws candy out on
our front lawns if he sees a child looking out the window!
Pretty cool tradition! We love it each year!

Yummy hot chocolate that we had for the Foxwood ward
Relief Society sisters for our Christmas dinner/program.

Last year, we brought in Olive Garden. This year, we
catered in Cafe Rio! The sisters love getting pampered
like this. We save most of our RS Budget for
pampering these wonderful sisters this one dinner each year,
and they deserve it, they are amazing!

For the program they asked me
to be the speaker for the night, I spoke about Christ's
example of service and his example to live faithfully the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. I shared that life is going to

get rough sometimes and so we get through those tough
spots best with the attitude of faithful gospel living
and of service that we can give to one another...and that
if we do this, there is a special endowment of "peace"
and "strength" that comes to us as we choose the gospel path 
in our lives through times of life-adversities. 
Then we had Skyler, our RS secretary, sing a beautiful 
song about the Savior. She is such a miracle singer. 
She is already gifted so well with the ability. 
But,recently had Thyroid cancer and surgery on her throat.
The Doctor accidentally clipped her vocal chord and she
lost her ability to sing. She has been praying and begging
for the ability to sing to return. She sang through whispers
through some parts and brought us to tears, but  it was so
beautiful! Her voice is coming back..slowly...but strong again. 
We had such a great evening all together!

This month also brought Jayme's fist semester of COLLEGE!
 I spent a lot of time with her getting her all set up!
She wouldn't let me take pics of her..dang girl!

They also had a cool Christmas tree at UVU College

Here is our Ward Christmas Party! 

The decorations were so pretty

Poor Jay! Oh man! He got a
corneal abrasion from a piece of

wood flying in his eye. He was
helping Kyle build his house and
was cutting wood. He wished he
would have been wearing
protective glasses He was like this
atour ward Christmas party..ouch!
We left the ward dinner early to
go to the doctor.

He looked like a zombie at the doctor!

cute zombie though !

Jayme wrapped all her gifts she had bought for us all...
and we decided that we were going to be spoiled !
Date night !
Jay took me to HuHot, this was such a fun place.
I want to go back soon!

Soooo...this snowblower is 2 years old...but brand new!...
it's only been used like twice...maybe...maybe only
once actually. is broken.  So, this is the second year

thatJay has pulled it out to try and fix no avail ...yet.

This cute Clock we got as a gift from Mike & Barbara
this year for our family for Christmas, we love it!
It plays a different Christmas song each hour.

...and this is how I kept my feet warm at work all winter, lol !!

Snow each day out my work window

The judge gave us clerks all bracelets
for Christmas gifts. She gave us each a
different one that she picked out individually for us.

cute picture of Jayme this winter

Our family got together for a fun Christmas eve lunch at
Red Robbin up in Layton and a movie together!
We decided to make this a yearly tradition!


While we were up at Layton at the Christmas eve party,
Jayme was with Graf cousins doing a tradition of
singing to the cancer patients at the hospital in SLC and
Primary Children's. These cousins love doing this
together each year. What a neat experience that is on
Christmas eve. They give out gift to the kids also.
Christmas Eve, Jay took our family out to dinner
at the Olive Garden. It was so awesome to be together
 with each other and the kids and just having fun
with our family. After dinner we went over to
Kim & Shaun's house for pixie and treat!

Jayme had us laughing as she
took our picture :)

Jay, getting in one last wish request from "Santa"

Shaun made "grinch" cookies..these were the best!

Calling for "Pixie" to come!

caught a quick peek from Pixie & Trixie

Trey showing the gift he
got from Pixie

The kids got Pixie pajamas

These cute girls !

Back at home after the Pixie party and the kids went to bed,
Santa came!!

.... and we are ready for Christmas morning !

These are some of my favorite
decorations of Jeannettes that we
have in our home now. 
Christmas morning, kitty loved the wrapping paper

The kids were very happy Christmas morning!!

Kitty loved my electric blanket that I
got for Christmas

Face-timing with Grandma & Grandpa Graf !
They were so fun as they were learning how to face-time! haha


Trey's "too cool to smile" teenage pose!...
but I got him to smile for me still :)

We got plenty of a white Christmas & our
snowblower is still out of Jay
got his exercise in Christmas morning to say the least!

Kim's family came over to visit us on Christmas day

Jay made Jeannette's recipe of "Special K" treats

I made a yummy breakfast caserole

Jay made our traditional meatballs and hotdogs
We went again this year to have Christmas dinner at
Kim & Shaun's house! We love this memory with their family!

The fam !

Macy fell asleep in her
tent, too cute!

The day after Christmas, we met up with family and
visited Jeannette's grave. Then we went over to
visit Grandpa Wood. We had such good visits together!