Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A few more memories from December ...and bringing in the New Year of 2016 !

There were a few more pics of December that I found
and didn't want to forget. Jay, helping Trey get his
gingerbread house started :)

I appreciated his being a trooper through the 
evening as he probably would have rather been in 
a medically-inflicted coma to stop the intense eye-pain
from his corneal abrasion which was pretty painful.
 But, he wanted to stay right with me and the kids as 

we did our evening random-ness together! On this 
night, it was ginger-bread houses!

Gluing the roof on with 
icing took some patience as
 I wanted to taste it instead
of sit and hold it together!

This is Christmas waiting for us on Christmas morning!

A few other pics from December still...
We had a Christmas party after Christmas this 

year on both sides of our family. It was awesome
and we got to stretch out the season a bit!
So good to be all together with both sides
of the family so much this holiday season!

These sugar cookies are from the Graf Christmas party that
we had at my brother, Curt's house. Here's
some pics of that evening... 

Jim and Amy had a New Years Eve party
and we so much enjoyed being there that night!!

Dance party was super awesome!

Amy made one of my favorites... yummy bean dip!

These two get me laughing! I love watching them
together, and listening to them talk to each other
and tell stories!!

Amy showing us her baby puppies

Jay showing off is dance moves with the kids, lol !!

We were highly entertained the whole night!! 



Amy and my turn ! 

Adam and Annie arrived, and Annie joined in !

Super cute, and super pooped out from dancing !

By popular demand...the boys had to 
compete once more!!

Showing some skills !

Flying his airplane
he got from Christmas


Amy showing us how it's done !

Jim and Amy introduced us to a couple
of new games. So fun !

Midnight New years eve
Jay getting the Midnight kiss on!
He said this year of 2016 was
going to be epic!!
He made the first
New Years eve
kiss count, haha!
Oh our poor kids
in the room!..fortunately
this is what they are
already used to seeing
from us through
all the years!

We couldn't be more grateful and happy for 2015 to
be ending and a new 
year to be beginning! We had a 
lot of good memories in 2015, but also a lot of 
struggle of which we are very relieved to be closing 
the door to. And, we left the door wide open to our 
amazing life together and many many more 
wonderful future memories!!
With teenager's now in our home, we are almost
like "empty-nesters" this past year suddenly.
It's been the strangest thing for our kids to be 

suddenly "all grown up" !  And this has also 
been the most comfortable transition for us.... 
It feels so much like the first few years of 
our marriage did...where we had lots and lots
of time together.  Our kids are now off with 

friends so much of the time, Jay and I are now totally 
filling our time with random spontaneous fun.
And since the year of 2016 is termed by Jay as "epic",
we decided we better start it off just right!...
for New Years weekend, we decided to let the 

kids hang out with cousins while we took off to 
St George for a little warmer weather and a relaxing 
well-needed mini-vacation together.


It was cloudy, but still very nice.
Much warmer than the January temperatures
up at our home in Northern Utah.

We love the Panda Garden
restaurant in St George.
Definitely a favorite of ours!

At Mom and Dad's home that Sunday morning
as we stopped by for a visit on our way 

traveling back home.

Snow in Cedar that first weekend in January, but
we were fortunate not to have bad weather while
traveling back home. We had such a great time in
Southern Utah. It's home to us down there still too. 

I took this picture one early one morning on my 
way to work.  It was such a pretty scene that I had to 
stop while driving down my street. Every morning,
 it is different scenery, and I look forward to seeing it.
Often, I stop and take a picture. Jay and I always say 
that can't believe what a beautiful place we live in.

A few random pictures...
this pic is of the "Special-K" treats that Jay makes so
very often these days from his mom's recipe.
Jay is getting very good at making these !

Another random pic I took in January.
This is of a part of my desk at work.
I love looking at these pics on the side of my
computer each day at work.
They have been hanging there for 3 years.
I need to update them. But at least they 

remind me that I need to get a new family 
picture taken one of these days!

One of our Friday night date-nights.
This one was bowling! Jay always makes me smile
 with how much fun he is to be with. He loves to
tease me, and to cheer me on also. He always says that

 I make him smile and laugh every day. That is 
a great compliment to help someone feel happy daily.
He does the same for me. I love that he is my best friend.
 Watching me bowl added to some entertainment for 

him for sure! lol

Cute boy of mine

This is another picture that I had to stop and snap quick
on my way to work one morning as I drove down my street.
I wish I could stop every morning...it literally is a
different beautiful "painting" right in front of me
every single day!! I keep telling Jay that it's like we
live in a literal-painting. Just BEAUTIFUL!
I visited Jay for lunch on my
day off during January.
I snapped pics of his desk at his
office. I love all the pics and
all the Hulk stuff !

We loved visiting Grandpa any chance that we got.
And especially the last few months that we had with him,
because we could tell that he was getting so close to
leaving us...we made sure to linger longer on those visits.

I will miss seeing his flowers
that he loved putting together as the
seasons changed. 

Jayme video-taped
him on this visit as we had
fun visiting together.

I'm so glad Jayme took a couple of pics while we were there. 

This spontaneous picture is one of my favorites.
It was taken at Jayme's 18th birthday dinner at Olive Garden
last year. Jeannette passed away very suddenly only a few
short-weeks later (Grandpa passed away almost exactly one
year after Jeannette). Grandpa kept this picture
on his table by some of his favorite picture of Grandma.

I know that he must have put it there because he 
missed Jeannette. I know that he missed both Grandma 
and Jeannette a lot this last year. I am so happy that he 
is reunited with them both now, even though 
we are missing each of them.

We loved leaving notes and
picture on Grandpas chalk board.

These are the last pics we have of
Grandpa "up and around". He started
going down-hill soon after.
Grandpa passed away only a few
months after these pics were taken.
I can't remember why we took these pics...
probably just because we had cleaned our house really good
that weekend, haha. But, we do love our home and are
very grateful to have been in it these past 3 years.

Oh, just another cute pic of Jay as he was sending me
a "hello" text from his work that day. He's so fun!

Girls-night with these lovely ladies

T-rey super sleepy on the couch...I had to take a pic of him
and the sleepy cat.

This is a pic of Trey's ceramic project that he made
at school and finally got to bring home!
I LOVE it and it's sits on my counter at home!!

What a cute he is!

A random moment during my work day. 
I loved the sunshine moment that cold January day!

This was from a date-night...this is the only
pic I took that night, but it was worthy of the taking!

And this is a quote we loved about Temples!
We had a good time with Kim and Shaun's family going
to see the Provo Temple open house.

FaMiLy !!

Selfie shots for Jay Ray of
my cute new coat at the end of the work day.
...and that caps off January !
Seems like a lot of pics...but there was so much more
in that month that we didn't even think to capture.
Thank heaven for the moments we did capture.
We love our family and all the little moments and
memories that we have together. And always looking
forward to more daily adventures in our future.
Happy New Year !!