Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hello February !!

Out to lunch with my sister and our friend, Laurel,
who was up in Northern Utah for a visit.

Jay snapping a pic of us
randomly one evening.
Oh, this was fun!
This was on a date night. Jay
took us to "Nicklecade".
I LOVE that place! I just feel
like a kid there.

We hit the jackpot on one
of our games ! 
The Zoo!
We have had a Zoo pass ever since we moved up
north 5 years ago. We go all the time and it's
one of our most favorite things to do as a family.

It was a nice quiet day there that day. Not too much of a 
crowd, so we had the place to ourselves! 

We went to Red Robin to eat dinner
after the Zoo. It was a couple of days before Jeannette's
birthday and we were thinking of her, so we
chose her favorite restaurant that night.
Missing and thinking of her.

This was a fun party that Kim's family had for the
Superbowl and we all went over to hang out
and be together.

Jayme had us having
fun with her camera apps

Hulk-eyes !


Here's my cutie at work
At work and sending a quick text message
"hi" to my sweetie
Catching a sunset on his way home from work
Jayme had a tonsilectomy. She was nervous,
but happy to be getting it over and done.

Poor Trey boy got strep throat
He is a good patient. He just
doesn't complain much in life,
even when he is sick. 

I love this pic of Jay. Jeannette put it in this
frame for me before Jay and I were married. She
sent it down with him to give to me when he was
coming for Easter, along with a stuffed animal and treats.
 I have kept this picture in my bedroom since that day,
and through all these years. I love to look at it and
remember where we started our journey so many years
ago together. I love him....and I love us together.

I saw a bunch of cute signs at a pharmacy...of all places..
while I was picking up medicine for Jayme's tonsilectomy.
They were messages on these signs that really made me
think of Jay and I . "I Love Us" was one of them.
Of course the signs were a trillion dollars instead I
just took pics of them as I waited at the pharmacy.
I thought they were fun for the month of February,
so I will post them here below randomly.

Valentines Day came around quick this year again.
Our little family has always loved celebrating
Valentines Day.
I grew up with it being a big deal
in our home to celebrate. My mom would make
sugar cookies galore, we would decorate them
and take them to all our neighbors that night. We
would knock and run and leave the cookies at the door.
We never got caught. But, we LOVED this
holiday tradition. We would spend the rest of the evening
together with our family and watch charlie brown's
valentine TV episode and a few other valentine-related
 T.V. shows and pig out on the rest of the sugar cookies. 

Soooo, I was excited to also make Valentines Day a
fun tradition with my own hubby and kids when
we started out as a young family years and years ago.
Jay started a tradition right off the bat of always getting
both me and Jayme flowers for Valentines. Jayme and
I love getting these flowers each year, and so much look
forward to it. Over the years, I made sure to make sugar
cookies with the kids on the evening of Valentines and
we spend the evening together watching valentine's
shows on TV. Jay and I also give a new outfit-or toy to
the kids each year as a gift from us and are happy to
celebrate being a family. Jay and I always make sure we
 get our Valentines date-night in, usually the night before,
with going out to a nice restaurant. 

There is nothing better than family and having each other.

Jay knows my favorite candy is
M&M's. I get these from him every
Valentines, Christmas,
Easter, B-day, and Anniversary...Ooh!, and
every time we are at the movies, or any other
random time. I love them. I never get sick of them :)

He loves the hard candies,
so I stock him up with
sweethearts, runts, jolly ranchers,
black licorice, etc ! 

Jay and I went out for a Valentines date dinner to one of our
favorite restaurants...Won Won Chinese food YUM !

Our fortune cookies were making us laugh!

This is something that Jay and I say a lot to each other.
I was so excited when I saw this at the store too !

I love that we have a
holiday where we focus on
letting our sweetheart and our family know how much
they mean to us.
My cute little niece posed us, LOL.  She said we had to
stand in the "cool" pose.
This was at my sweet Aunt Lucille's funeral.
I grew up with so many memories of Aunt Lucille and
always loved her so much. She looked and sounded
a lot like my mom. They were close sisters too. My mom
sure did love her. 

This is my sister-in-law, Sydna. Next to her are my
sisters, Sheri and Stephanie. That's my niece, Sierra on the end.

I love this pic of my mom with my cousin, Stephanie.
She is my Aunt Lucille's daughter.
The kids were really missing their mom.
It meant a lot to them to have us all there together. 
Stephanie and I were best-friend cousins growing up.
We have so many fun memories together.

I am so glad we had a pretty day for the cemetery.

My sister and I with our cousins, Neicia and Angie.

Jay with our sis-in-law, Sharla.
That's our bro-in-law, Shaun behind them.
Also my cousin, Neicia on the end.

Mom and dad with my brother, Mike. 

My brother, Curt with cousin, Natalie. 
My sister, Sheri, with a bunch of our cousins.

Jay, my best friend.

Right after my Aunt Lucille's funeral, Jay and I took the
kids to the Planetarium to celebrate Trey's birthday!!!
He turned 14 years old!!

Jayme wanted a picture with her dad...and Trey popped
into the background. I thought it was funny,
so I didn't say anything.  :)
So, this is how I still think of my little buddy!! He
has always been a fun little friend to me. We have
loved hanging out and enjoying exploring life together as
I raised him! And now...I can't believe that he is 14 years old!!!

He's an 8th grader and still is my little friend...but he is
totally loving getting into the teen-age stage with lots of
friend time! Our house is the hub-bub for his friends to gather
and I love that it is!! Trey has awesome friends !!
Our family LOVED celebrating him turning 14 years old. 
Corey, Trey's friend was over for the evening as
we celebrated the birthday.

We had cake and Ice Cream with Kim and kids also,
who stopped over to bring Trey a gift.


Trey was so excited
to get a birthday card
in the mail from
Grandpa Fox !!

A random afternoon in February...
Jayme and I out for
a girls lunch to ourselves.
We are in love with sushi.

Jayme trying curly hair...super cute !

I can't help but snap a few pics of Jay as we
visit during our lunch breaks. I miss him in person.
We used to eat lunch together every day when we lived
in St. George. And for years before that we also 

worked in the same building together, so we got to see 
each other every day during the work day. These past 3 years
is the longest that we have gone 
without physically seeing
each other during our work day. Thank heaven for face time.
This is a birthday gathering at the end of February
for my twin nieces over at my sister, Kim's house.

What a blessing it has been for Jay & I (and our kids)
to have lived up North these past 5 years and made
so many memories with family from both-sides.
There seems to always be some kind of gathering happening!
It is so important to get together and to support one another
during our stages of life. We are so blessed to have such
wonderful ex-tended families.