Sunday, May 22, 2016

March arrived and so did a few more warmer happy!

At the beginning of the month,
I enjoyed a couple of evenings here.
I love this place, it always centers me, and I
feel like I can do anything because I know who I am,
I know why I am so happy and where that happiness
comes from.... and I know what is waiting for me after this life.
There is a peace that settles so deep inside from
knowing these truths.

I snapped these pics quick as I walked out that evening
 to my car... and then home to my other heaven
on earth...Jay, Jayme, and Trey!

During our work days :)
This cute boy is who I get to talk to on breaks and at lunch.
I've never been able to get enough of him,
and that is the truth. I have always known that he is my world...
I am so glad that after 20 years it still feels that way.

This picture is of Jayme typing away doing
genealogy in our family room one night. I love that girl!
I invited my friend to come over one night and teach
our little family how to do indexing. She had recently
taught our Stake, during a special women's conference,
how to do indexing. The presentation was seriously amazing...
so I asked her to come and do that exact presentation for
my family since I wanted Jay and the kids to hear it!!

They were so impressed by the information she shared
and the knowledge of blessings that come into our lives
and homes by doing genealogy work and especially
indexing that they were instantly hooked
after my friend's presentation and the indexing began!! 
Kass super excited that it
was Jayme birthday !!
She jumped to
give her a hug!

Sushi !!
Birthday lunch to celebrate
Jayme turning 19 !

Kim & kids drove down to
Orem to have some
birthday dinner.

Jayme's friend, Taylor,
took her to get their nails
done for her birthday
Both Grandma and Grandpa Graf had birthdays we
celebrated in March! Grandma wanted "low-key"
so we honored her wishes and sent flowers and cards her
way to let her know how much we love her!!

Grandpa, however, was turning the big, 8 0  this year...
and even though he said he wanted "low key" ...we just
couldn't let that happen. So, we planned a HUGE
surprise party and completely rocked the house!!

My cute sis-in-law, Alisha... with my cousin's wife, Amalia

Nieces !
Brian with Sharla setting up the
powerpoint slide show

These are my dad's siblings and their spouses,
who came up from St. George!!

 A few instructions
before Grandpa and Grandma

Putting together a memory book for Grandpa
 with our birthday wishes

Jay snuggling up to me as we visited at our table.
It was seriously so wonderful to be with all the family
and having such a great time together. There aren't many
moments we are all together these days since everyone's
family is in different cities/states..and busy ..and growing.
There were some of the older grand kids missing.

But it seriously felt heavenly to be with so many that night.

MOM and DAD!!!
They were SO shocked and surprised to say the least!
I didn't get pics of them walking in to the room, since I
was video taping. But, it was very emotional for them to
discover all their entire family there!!!
They thought they were headed to a fireside that night
at the church :)  !!

Messing around doing a little dancing to
the 50th music playing

Jay and my brother, Ryan!!


Ryan and Donna !

The dinner was yummy

Nate and Alisha!

Trey with cousins

Mom sharing with us of her
happiness to have our family and
 how much she loves us!

Curt and Sydna with their daughters.
Heidi joined them too!

Each family got up and shared our love for
dad and mom...and of memories.

Jay and I stood and shared of fun hiking and deer hunting
 memories with dad..and of how much fun he is to be with!
We love my parents so much and it was emotional
and wonderful to tell them we loved them, as we laughed
of fun memories we have had with them over the years.

I loved watching mom and dad's expressions while
listening to each person up at the microphone

My dad's brother
Sheri, my sister

My dad's sister

Mike & Barbara !

My brother, Nate !

My brother, Ryan !

My sis, Sheri

Grandpa !!
Dad was so happy to share his love
for us all and that we were all together there!
He shared his testimony of the Gospel with us
and how excited he is that we are an eternal family.

Dad with his siblings 

Siblings and their spouses

Graf Family

Photo bomb by Curt !

We love mom and dad !

Grandkids !
We are still missing many of the grandkids,
but here are a few :)

These pics were SO fun!!

Brian with dad !

Curt with dad !

The family !!!

We were staying in the hotel in town and so after
the big surprise party, we headed for a swim

Kim, Ryan, and Donna

Jay hugging me super tight and Kass
jumping in for a tight squeeze with us!

That weekend, we enjoyed a
full day in Zion !


Lady mountain.
Dad has taken us all up that one!
He loves to take us hiking

Nate and Alisha's fam !


I love these boys of mine!! They, with Jayme, are my world!
We were missing our Jayme on this trip to Zion.
She felt bad to be missing that day with us, but she
was having fun in Vegas with friends celebrating
her birthday. That was her friend's gift to her.


Kolby and Jay

Jay with dad ! This is at Emerald pools up in Zion.

With my honey !

Jay with Ryan !

Kolby's friend came with us! He's kind of doing
the big-brother teasing thing right there with Megan! ha
I snapped this pic as we were driving out of Zion
that evening. The sun was hitting those cliffs so brilliantly...
it took my breath away!!

We went to sizzler with
Grandpa for dinner
after Zion. The staff sang
happy birthday to dad !

...and more swimming... :)

The hotel towel ...fancy fancy!

Jayme's friends took her down to Vegas
to celebrate her birthday while we were in Zion

Right after coming home from Vegas,
Jayme had Tonsillectomy surgery.
I snapped a couple of pictures of Jayme after bringing
her home from her surgery.

A few weeks Jayme had her tonsillectomy,
she had her wisdom teeth removed...ouch again!

She was seriously a trooper though. She is a great patient. 

This head ice-pack helped the swelling in her jaws a little.
Here we were watching Jayme's video of her birthday
from Vegas with her friends.

We love this kid! He is such a good kid and so
happy and easy going. He loves to be with Jay or me just
hanging out and spending simple time.  He also
loves to do fun things all together with the family.
Trey has lots of friends and they come over often to hang
out at our place, which we love and appreciate them
feeling so welcome and comfortable at our home with us.
But, Trey is definitely a family-first type of person.

Jay and I spontaneously took off the other evening
to go grab some dinner and a grocery item quick..and we
left Trey home, out jumping on the trampoline with his
three friends that he had over. He soon came in to the
house to get a drink and discovered that we were gone,
he called and said he would have liked
to have come with Jay and I... and he could have had his
friends come back when we returned!
Trey is awesome!
We love that he loves to be with us no matter what we are doing!

Here's a moment from the video we were watching
that day of the trip to Vegas with friends to
celebrate Jayme's birthday. This is the Coke Factory.

We love Jayme!!
She endured and was patient through that
whole process of healing!!

So, this seriously happened, haha!!...Trey walked into the
house late one evening after scouts...holding a
still-alive slimy cat fish!!
We were super excited that he had a blast fishing
and that he caught such a big fish!!..but we were super
grossed out!!!!!!!  After asking us what he is supposed
to do with that fish, and us telling him to throw it away...
he said, "no, I brought it home to cook it and eat it!!

It was still flapping around a bit...mouth opening
and closing...and we love fish...but were was SO
grossed out with this one!Oh, it was so funny though.
So we sent him out the door to go to his scout
leaders house, a couple of doors down,
to finish the job with that fish there.

We heard dead...slicing...and soon
he was back and Jay helped him cook up that fish,
which Trey and Jayme devoured up in no time. 

This is the March scout camping trip. Trey said is was
so fun!... He is definitely a boy...because that looks so cold! :)

In our back yard one evening.
Trey pretty much hung out all winter outside...
and in this little jacket no less!
I don't know how kids, and especially boys, can
handle the cold weather like they do....
but Trey loves to be outside and having fun.

Trey and his friend having me take pics of them acting out
Star wars!  They were making me laugh!

Here's kitty...always close by where ever Trey is!

This is our
 St Patricks day treat
table at work. 

We pretty much try and 
celebrate anything 
we can to mix up
 the work days :)

..and a pic of my "what I 
thought was a green shirt 
for St Patricks day that 
morning when I was grabbing 
it quick to get to work". 
After getting 
there, I noticed it
was definitely BLUE!

Dark closets in the morning 

can be a hazard. One 
morning I came into work 
with a dark black boot on 
one foot...and a dark brown 
boot on the other foot.

Jay came home from work that night and
made us all St Patricks day special-k treats
for our family!

I love that boy!

I've noticed that the older we get, life seems to have

sped passes by a lot faster now.
It's so important to keep making the moments count &
 to soak up the little-simple things every day.

I have always felt that it's so important to make 
the best of each day, telling showing our sweetheart and kids 
 how much they mean to us. And I have made sure 
to always try my best to do that through all the years.

I love getting pics and facetime phone talk with Jay
during our work days 
...and then amazing family time
 with him and the kids each night! 

 I love that Jay & I have always loved to check in
each day during our work day over all these years...
life goes by too fast and the days are gone too quickly. 

Life is definitely brighter when every member of 
the family gives their very best and makes sure we 
understand how much we are all loved!

Jay has made sure to tell us he doesn't want to waste 
one day and wants to make sure we always know and feel 
how much he loves us.

Simple, but focused, Christ-centered changes in our 
daily life results in big amounts of peace and happiness in ourselves...and in our family and adds to our happy home. 
We are a happy family!

EASTER arrived!

oh my gosh...this was so funny...
but we were trying not to draw 
any attention since we were at 
the church waiting for 
sacrament meeting to start. 
Yep...we were early that day...
rare for sure to be early...or on time, ha!
But, miracles DO happen...and 
on EASTER one did!

Even though we were having some 
silly fun with Jayme's phone app...
the sacrament meeting began and 
we were able to renew our 
covenants that day as we thought 
of Christ and all he did for us. 
I love that we get to celebrate His 
resurrection on Easter Sunday!

We visited Jeannette's grave on Easter evening and
then went over to visit Grandpa. 

We could tell the Grandpa Wood was on his
way.  We felt he was seeming very close to leaving us that night.
He did pass only a couple of nights later.

Grandpa was one of my friends. He and I had a
connection, that we discovered a few years ago.
Something just clicked with us one day.

 I loved his personality.
I never ever got tired of listening to him talk about
anything that he wanted to talk about. He was one of
the most interesting people I knew.

He had lived such a full life and had so many different experiences.I loved hearing about his family life
growing up.I loved hearing about his memories of his
own family that he and Grandma Wood had together.
I loved having gospel doctrine discussions with him.
We both have that same love of studying! I enjoyed his 

book library at his house, and he watched me handle 
several of his books during our visits.
He liked that I had read several of the books that he also had.
I loved hearing about his love for Grandma Wood and 

how their love grew through the years.

 On the day of Grandma's funeral, he took me aside 

for several minutes and told me that he had had an 
amazing marriage and that people get divorced too
quick these days. He said that too many people 

don't understand what marriage is...and they live
very selfish lives and because of selfishness they end up divorcing and missing the best part of marriage.
  He said that they don't wait for the best stage of married life, which he said was the "old-age" phase...serving one another in sickness and health problems. He said that every stage in marriage is amazing and wonderfully hard too, but that 
the end stages of marriage hold much of a service type 
of life-living that brings the deepest stages of love in marriage...and he said that couples are missing it because 
they live selfishly and end up divorcing. 

He said His love was out of this world for his wife during those years...and he discovered a new level of love in marriage 
during that time. He said too many people miss that
 level in marriage because they don't work hard to last.
He was very intense and focused in telling me this discovery and that he had had this type of deep 
love and wished so many couples could experience it. 

He said he missed his wife deeply. 
He said his love was such a deep-spiritual,
deep emotional,deep-friendship, the deepest-type love he 
had ever felt in those last 5 years that he was talking care of Grandma as she suffered in her cancer before she died.

 I loved Grandpa's wisdom. I have never
had a living grandpa and I always wanted one. 

He always asked me why he was still alive at ages 89 
and 90...I told him that he still had work to do; that 
genealogy he was doing was so important and so as long 
as he was able to still do it, he would probably keep living! 
and I would think in my thoughts during those visits that 
one of the reasons he was alive is because I needed to 
experience that grandpa-relationship with him.
I could tell he loved me. I hope he could tell I adored him!

My cute Jayme wanted to see Grandpa again
after that night, and so she went a couple of nights
later with Kass. Grandpa was so excited to see them!
It was that night he passed away. We love and miss him!

Here's some pics of Grandpa with-in the past year.