Saturday, June 4, 2016

April 2016

Grandpa Wayne passed away peacefully at his home.
 His funeral was like a family reunion.
We were all so happy to see and be with one another.
We were happy for Grandpa to be passed on and
with Grandpa and Jeannette...and other family members
on the other side. We love and miss him, but are so
happy he is where he is. He was 90 years old.
He left a wonderful life legacy behind.




We start out our mornings by reading the
Prophets thought for the day.  On April 5th,
this was the thought, and it was such a beautiful
reminder to us of Jeannette, and now Grandpa Wayne...
we love and miss them, but we know we will be
with them again one day. Families can be together forever !

General Conference: This is our typical
 Totally relaxed and listening while wrapped up
snuggling in blankets and pillows !

Jay and I were so impressed, again, this
session of General Conference.
It seems that all the talks were written
just for us and our family. Love so
much how the spirit works. Jay and
Trey came home also excited about the
Priesthood session. Jay spent a long
time telling me about each talk and how
it was all about marriage and
strengthening the family.
He was so excited about how amazing
 all of the messages were. 

Our crazy backyard grass, we love it though!
We have spent the past two summers patching each
section together from free...or almost free...grass 

from neighbors! So fun to fill our yard in!

Sunday General Conference session , we attended the
afternoon session with Jayme and her then boyfriend.

Saw some of the messages posted on-line, so I wanted
to have them here too. They are good reminders
of some of the inspired messages shared.

We ran into our nephew, Matthew Graf !

Trey would have been with us at
General Conference, but he spent the entire week
of Spring Break down at Grandpa Fox's house with
some of our Fox family there. The Clark County fair
was going on during that week, so Trey had such a
fun time!

We love Trey's Parkor flips and stunts talent !

What fun these cousins had together !
When Trey got home, we had a bouncy-surprise waiting
for him !! He was so excited !

With his fun talent, we figured he needed a trampoline!
His last trampoline blew away in last-years's wind storm.

These are pics of Jay and Kitty ! Too cute!

Flowers were delivered to
my work one day.
Jay is so sweet!
He is a romantic by nature,
and he hasn't ever been shy to
let me know of his love for me
by doing sweet things like this.

More flowers
during my work day
on my walk-break outside
that day. I had to capture the
beauty with my phone camera. 

Texting him of a shirt given to me from a work-friend.
I love how my family & friends share their closets
with me when they are tired of their clothes.
This is one of my favorites these days, super comfy !

I love riding the train to go
meet up with Jay on any day off I get.
On this particular day, I got off work
a tiny early and met Jay at the end of
his work day. We wanted to go to "our" temple
that night for our date-night. We drove up
to spend an evening in the Bountiful temple.
We caught the last session. We took some quick
pictures on the way in, and a couple on the way out.
The day was so pretty. The temple even more beautiful !
It has been 8 years since we have been to our temple.

We were married there almost 21 years ago.
And that's when our life and love story began...

Jay loves his christmas "toy"...the popcorn maker
that Trey gave him. Making popcorn in this is awesome!

The box was good entertainment
 for kitty and us, lol 

This dinner was too pretty not to take a pic of!
Jay and I are on an avocado kick for the past 2 months
 straight! I picked up some and they were so
yummy, that we keep having cravings!

Spontaneous trip to Cedar one weekend

We havn't been on this golf course in the longest time!
It was fun to be there again!

We spent a day in St George and played super hard!

There's Jayme speeding past me!

yep...we both got a hole in one!

Visiting Ryan and Dawna in St George

We stayed in Cedar with Mom and Dad,
it was so nice to have this time with them.

Dream come true ...temple in Cedar !

This is what it will look like when finished

He is too cute!
Trey's art made the company
calendar!! Trey's is on the
months of April ! 

More pretty flowering tree's
on my work break -walks!

We went to Pizza Pie Cafe to celebrate Kolby's birthday.
He is posing by his new birthday car !

This is at our home for a Sunday get-together.
Our family started doing once-every-other-month
treats with the family. We take turns hosting.
We played such fun games that night, and just enjoyed

Trey and his friend went to jump at
Lowe's-air- sports center. They had a blast ...

Jay spontaneously snapping
pics of me at lunch that day.
Silly boy !

...and I spontaneously snapped pics of Jay...
while he was singing to the car radio !

April was full of busy-good moments...along with the
regular life crazy stress of normal stuff too....messy house,
car troubles, getting our trey finishing up school for the year,
busy attending programs and firesides, sickness, injuries,
& preparing our church lessons. Jay and I are on the same
sunday teaching schedule sometimes which makes it fun
 to be preparing and teaching the same sundays.
He is busy teaching in High Priest Group,  while I am busy teaching Gospel Doctrine class. We teach every other week,
 so it is great for lots of gospel studying together during our weeks. It also doubles great Family Home Evening lessons.

Life is busy, but it's busy with the best of things:
Gospel, Family, & Fun !