Wednesday, June 29, 2016

May 2016: Time seems to be speeding up ! We can't believe how busy the months are, but it's busy with the best things!

I saw this picture of the construction of the Cedar City Temple...
so cool, I love it !
I love summer

Jay's addiction lately :)
I ran to grab him some
 one late night.

...and even more....I love this pic of Jay that I caught
spontaneously one night studying his scriptures.
He's pretty awesome, and I love that boy!

Some random pics from the month of May
during our work days.
These random pics are fun to have of one another. 
It's FRIDAY!!!!
Jay on his lunch break

Pooring rain one day out my
work window..beautiful !!

Date night...trying to
take a selfie !! haha

Life at age 40-ish is so interesting.... we are both gone to 
work all day and we have grown-up kids who are with 
friends much of the time in the evenings after our 
family dinners and so that leaves Jay and I 
to be able to, once again, focus so much on each other
It totally is like the old days in the beginning of us! 
On this particular night, we ran off to the movie !!

10 years ago, my brother and his 
wife told me that we would enter this "empty-nester" stage...
and it's so awesome to be finding our selves here now! 
It's just as they said...after all the crazy, hard loving work
 of raising a family and experiencing both good and hard days 
 that we put in as parents of a young-growing family--then
one day, the kids are grown up and then it's back to 
the two of us again! This pre-empty-nester time we
are finding ourselves in this past whole year is 
a very rewarding stage!!  It's very fun!! 

And this pic is also at the movie theatre...
it was from a movie with the fam to celebrate Mother's Day

I LOVE being a MOM!...
It been the most fulfilling experience I have
ever had. Nothing is more important than family.

Mother's day morning, Jay made me my favorite breakfast!

Then showered with gifts
 from the Kids...
..and Jay, who gave me this decoration about "Love"
 and we hung it up on the wall. It's so pretty!

..Jay spoiled me with other favorites of mine ! :)

After Church, I called my mom and told her 
we were thinking of her and  hoped she 
was having a relaxing mother's day too 
and that we love her!

We had the experience of living in Southern Utah 
and being able to spend so much time at my parents 
home and with my mom and dad. Jay and I have talked 
so very often about the amazing qualities that my 
mom and my dad have and how it was so good 
to have been able to deepen our relationship
 with them from living in the same location. 
My parents are so good, and loving, they try so hard
 to help each of us kids with anything that we need.
They share their love and admiration very very often 
for both Jay and I, and our kids. We feel so much 
love for them too!

After church on Mother's day, we
went to visit Jeannette's grave.

Still so "new" to have this feeling of her not being with us.
But, we talk of her often and remember her love for us.
Jay has said he knows she is aware of our family and
that she is very near. We feel her love for us so strong still.

This was a fun night out with the kids to the
Bee's baseball game!

We randomly were sitting by Luke Frampton 
and his cute wife. It was her birthday that day too!


This was one of the most fun nights we have
had with the kids in these past few months!
Jayme was standing behind us to snap this quick pic !

love playing with
the phone apps ! 

We spent a lot of the game chatting with Luke
and his cute wife...whose birthday it was that day.
Jay and I enjoy being at the temple every other week.

Another fun memory we captured on camera
was Trey's school award ceremony.
We cheered loud for Trey when his name was called!

Trey's award ceremony at school !

I love this kid

Kyle and Carrie are pretty much our heros lately!
Seriously...these two are rock stars!
It's not easy building your own home while
living in your neighbors basement, and trying to keep
a million other things in life happening.

Stopping by to visit these awesome guys working so hard!!

I loved this picture Jay took of Bruce with the newest
 little member of our family. Adam and Annie's family
is growing !!

This is a 2-day work conference up to Snowbird. 
I've never been to Snowbird before, so I was really 
excited to be going. These four are the group I went 
with from our office.  We had so much fun !!
Happy to be out of the office for a change!!
We were spoiled with breakfast and lunch

Snow bird is so beautiful !!

We had so much fun at the conference!
Look at our cute kid!
Man, we love him!
I found some awesome
pics of T-Rey from
his phone that I had to have
copies of here.

An award that Trey won
from an art contest at Jay's work!
Tons and tons of kids entered.
We are so proud of Trey! 

Turtles in the dessert.

This is from our visit up to Layton
to go meet our new little
nephew, Calvin Fox !

So sweet 

Love love love holding
newborns ! This little Calvin

is so sweet, I am in love !

new cousin 

Annie was doing so
great ! She was so happy to
introduce her gorgeous
baby boy!

Annie's mom was there too, she flew in from Canada

Josan is a happy big brother

Beautiful Taryn came
with Grandpa Fox !

Bruce put this shirt on that we
gave him for his birthday,
we love finding nice "fox" shirts!

Terrible habbit for a late night run to the gas station, but...
so yummy !

Ok...I was dying when jayme took a pic of me after
we had already arrived to a church devotional one
Saturday morning in May to hear the General Relief Society
President, sister Linda K Burton speak to our stake....
and Jayme decided to FINALLY tell me that I was
dressed like a NUN !!
Ahhh, I died laughing so hard when I discovered it !
This is a dress that my friend gave me...
PROBABLY because SHE didn't want to be
dressed like a nun !
Oh my was the funniest morning, Jayme and I
couldn't stop laughing!!

too funny...still makes me laugh
After the devotional, we went to eat Sushi!
Jayme and I love this little sushi place, it's the best seriously.

This is at my cousin's
wedding reception.
It was so great to be there
with family.

Kim, Jayme, and I went

These two are cute and shy.
And they are so happy !

With my darling aunt Sherri!

Some of my aunts, uncles, cousins... love them!

Just a spontaneous pic of my honey, workin hard in the yard

Trey playing cards with me
sick , but happy...
able to play cards still

One night out looking at the starts in Trey's telescope!
Saturn is amazing ...the moon too!

A trip to Nevada to visit Grandpa Fox !

Getting ready to  play some hoops

We ate really well, as usual, down
at Grandpas house

I snapped a quick picture of our cheering section

Love the cape!
That's our boy!

love my sweetie

We had such a relaxing time visiting in Nevada.
We had a great time and we love Bruce so much!
In Cedar visiting Grandpa and Grandma Graf.
Nate and Alisha's family was there too!

Tyler is taller than his mom 

I love these two men

Shooting some more hoops

Such a cute sister-in-law I have !
Alisha is awesome

Love them!

This is TACO AMIGO !
We went on Memorial Day for lunch with the kids
on our way to decorate graves.

It's still so strange to visit Jay's mom and dad this way.
We love that they are watching over us all from the
other side of the veil.

We are so lucky to have Jay's dad, Bruce with us and
as an amazing grandpa to the grandkids!
So very lucky to have such great parents on both
sides of our family. Love them all so much !!

We have lots of family on both
sides up here in Norther Utah.
It's so wonderful to be able
to visit the different graveyards and
remember how much love
we have for our family
waiting for us on the other side.

Jay was snuggling me up tight !

It was a beautiful day
This was our cereal-soga this month, lol,
The kids decided to mark up their cereal boxes. 

Summer time brings the city carnivals.
Trey loved going with his friends. I dropped them off
and they spend the whole evening there.
I love summer, and I love that my kids are having
lots of fun with friends.

I end with this beautiful piece of yummy art.
The judge brought these in one day randomly
for us at work. She is the best ! I have a great job.
I am blessed to have all that is important. At the top of the list:
Jay, Jayme, Trey, and the gospel. Nothing else matter more than these. And nothing else even comes close to bringing
peace and happiness. We are a lucky and happy family.