Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pretty much sums up June ! :)

Uncle Cliff called and asked Jayme to draw another temple
picture for him. It's was so fun to see Jayme drawing again!

Washington DC temple

Random pics.
Love being their mom.

Trey's cousins slept over and we took them to the
store...I laughed so hard that they spent all their
money on POP !!

Pop for a month!

Trey spent his money on
a doughnut...that kid comes
from me!!
I love the summer time
In June, Trey and his friends enjoyed rock-climbing a
ton at this cool place in Lehi.

Father's day arrived... we spoiled Jay because
we love him so much !!

My boys all dressed up on Father's Day sunday
Random day in June, Jayme visited
Macy, and we sent pics back and forth while I was at work! 

Love being together doing anything and everything...

Love the flowers, even the dying ones!...they are still pretty

Treats at's good to
play sometimes 

Pics with Jayme
at the Strawberry Days


Awesome Action !
I grew up going to the Rodeo in St. George with my
family each year. I loved it! So it's been amazing to have Jay, me, and the kids enjoying this same tradition.

The motor cycle half-time show and firework show were both
really cool too. Nothing like the rodeo!

Cute friend dropped by
dinner and flowers

Our two nieces waiting for
Matt to open his mission call letter!!


Random moment at home.
Jay is so cute!

Quick pic from work.
These are the Judges flowers
from her own flower garden.
They are giant roses!!
Love love love them!!

I love her mermaid blanket
Girls night with Jayme
She painted my toenails
She also painted my nails !
They turn colors in the sun
Jay won tickets from his work for us to go to
the Jazz Suite to see a game this year!

My amazing friend, dropping by with cupcakes for our fam

I totally thought this was a funny pic of Jay and I.
Jayme snapped it as we were messing around with her.
She laughed at our crazy silly faces.

Date night picnic


Trey's Youth Conference! First time going. It was a stake one,
so lots and lots of kids. This pic is only showing the
beginning of kids coming. Trey loved it!

Trey's friend taking
a pic of him doing
a back flip at the dance.


Strawberry Day's Parade

Uncle Frank and Aunt Annette were the
Grand Marshals this year! Here they are in the parade!
Jayme took these pics with her video camera.


Jay took us to the air show again this year.
We were super excited to go.

We want to go again when they come back in two years.

Me and sissy !