Thursday, September 8, 2016

July was seriously PACKED and was awesome with family time's a tiny peak into the first part of our month

Mom and Dad
I loved this spontaneous picture of them taken that day.

Loved seeing Kyle and Carrie's new kitchen floor!!

Layton...the guys all went golfing while Amy and I
went to get a pedicure! I have NEVER had one so we
figured it was about time :)

We picked the same color

The next day we enjoyed spending time
at Tammy and Mike's house for a BBQ after
attending our new little nephew, Calvin's baby blessing!
Here's a bunch of pics from the day...

There's  Amy and Adam with
little Calvin, xoxo

Fox Family

Kyle's family with Grandma Darleen

Adam, Kyle, Jay, Jim, and Tammy with Grandma

Our family

Jay's cousin, Brett Fox and his family with us

Jay with Joelie's crutches

 Grandma Darleen with our family

Grandma with the kids

Up to Brian's cabin in Sundance for a fun family 4th of July party 

Our nephew's

Jayme hiding behind her art work, she is drawing a temple
for Uncle Cliff. One day she will know how beautiful she is and that she should
let me take a picture of her!

Here's the finished picture...
I'm so proud of her developing
her talent in art.

Our nephew, Justin with
his cute wife, Andrea
was in town from NewYork
for the holiday.

Jay grabbing a quick
kiss !!  We had a couple
of pics taken before it got
dark outside the cabin. 

Our niece, Ashley and Matt with their cute kids!
Jay and Curt
Curt and Sydna

Brian and Sharla are such fun hosts!
We had a great time with them


The losers get this prize ! 

Kolby and Kevin competing for the loser prize !...

Our niece, Krysta with her boyfriend Ramsey...
we are all watching to see who wins the loser prize....

Kolby wins!! haha

Now, for the winner's prize!

It's between Curt and Ramsey, his future son-in-law...
the pressure was thick!! haha

Curt wins! 
Matthew down enjoying the theater room before
the games downstairs begins...

Cousins all playing "warewolf"

The next morning, was the 4th of July, we
started off the day by celebrating with Kyle and Carrie
 and family up the canyon with his flag...super cool!!

There was a large community gathering for the program

Kyle at the microphone

This was our first time coming, we will for sure come
and be there next July 4th, it was really neat.

Jays cousin Derek called us
that morning to make
sure where we were meeting.
So glad he wanted to come too.

Kyle gave us some shirts to celebrate the festivities

I liked this picture, you can see the pretty lake as we
walked down out of the canyon. 

Stopped by to see
Kyle and Carries house.
It is coming along!!

Visiting Grandpa Fox's grave together at
the American Fork cemetery.

We came home and decided to hang our flag.
There is Trey up on the roof :)

On the evening of July 4th, we ended our night at
Kim and Shaun's house for a BBQ and firework party.

I love how much fun Jay is
 with all our nephews and
nieces, xoxo

With my niece, Hailey

Getting ready for Trey and Megan's
firework show !

Kim and I with our sister-in-law, Barbara

Soooo excited for Jay to not blink with the FLASH on our
camera!! That flash gets him every time, lol.
Check out those fireworks!

The kids slowly ended up on the roof to watch
the big fireworks !

This is Jay's Birthday celebration at his work.
He said it was a rootbeer float treat :)
At home the night of Jay's birthday. He hasn't ever liked
cake, so I usually get and "ice-cream cake" since it's more
like icecream...or some years I've done "cheese cake" and
some years I've done "pie".

BUT, this year, I decided on watermelon!!...and a little
cheese cake for us who aren't being too strict with
the healthy eating :) That week we began a healthy eating
and exercise life-style. The watermelon was a hit though!

Decorated the house before heading off to work that day.
We ended up leaving up the decorations for a few weeks until
my birthday! :)

...and...the only wrapping paper we had in the house was
Christmas we just went with it!
Birthday dinner 

Jay was so happy and also feeling a bit embarrassed and emotional by our attention of him for his birthday.
This past year has been crazy hard, and he is so grateful for our
spoiling and loving all over him. We love him to pieces!

Jayme got Jay some
nice exercise clothes, he
was so excited !

Played some cards !

...and ended the night by
hitting the Gym.
We are going to be COMMITTED !!

Took some fun pics of the house decorations

...and yup...we left all these up for the month so to hit
both of our birthdays...I think we might do this again next year ! 

At work earlier in the day on Jay's birthday, I kept
sending him "text-presents" :) This was one.

Face-timing at lunch was fun, since I couldn't take him out
for a lunch birthday since we work too far apart these days.

It was a good birthday and we enjoyed spoiling Jay!

More random pictures from the month of July...

Jay and I took the kids to hike Stewart Falls

It was a little nerve-raking
up on top by the falls..slippery

Jayme walked around more than the rest of us up there,
pretty pic !

After the hike we rested at Brian's cabin.

 Jayme made us dinner that night!

This is Jay found out that WE are way 10th cousins!! SO awesome!!
This pic only shows some of the line..but it's pretty neat
to see the whole thing. 
There's my 10th cousin right there!!
Loving these toenails!! I think I'm liking the idea
of getting another pedicure again!
Jay looking SO good
in just a couple of weeks!!

We are determined to stay committed to a healthier lifestyle!
The kids come with us sometimes to the gym too, we love 
turning off the TV and getting out and about much 
more this past summer! 
Life keeps bringing good things with these new goals :)